Trump’s Been Dealing it to Himself; Volkwagen Wants Your Love Back; Excuses, Excuses: Barnes & Nobles Whips One Out

Even more Trump’d up…


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President-elect Donald Trump’s foundation admitted it “self-dealt.” Self-dealing is when  leaders of non-profit organizations take money from the charities they lead, for themselves, their businesses and/or their families. It’s a big no-no and in case you were wondering where and why Donald Trump admitted such things, then look no further than his 2015 IRS tax filings, available on GuideStar, a website that tracks non-profits. But rest assured an investigation has been opened, brought to us by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who declined to comment due to the fact that the investigation is ongoing.  And in case you were wondering about this as well, Team Trump thinks Schneiderman’s investigation is politically motivated. In other Trump news, stocks were rallying and the Dow went above 19,000 points. Plenty of people on Wall Street are crediting Trump for all of this fiscally joyful news – whether they voted for him or not. After all, he did promise to slash taxes, ease regulations and go big on infrastructure spending. Experts see these initiatives as excellent means to boost the economy in a ways that have been lacking for years. Unfortunately, not every economic idea coming from Camp Trump is leaving investors and economists all warm and fuzzy. Take for instance NAFTA, which Trump refers to as “the worst trade deal in history.” Major havoc could be wreaked on the economy if Trump decides to scrap it. Millions of Americans rely on free trade with Mexico and slapping tariffs on it could spell fiscal doom.

You’re gonna love me, I just know it…


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Volkswagen, the Wells Fargo of the auto industry,  is betting – and hoping – that it can reclaim its former fahrvergnügen glory and make you love them all over again. Following its epic diesel-emissions scandal, Volkswagen chief Herbert Diess announced he wants to “fundamentally change Volkswagen” by focusing on on major tech advancements, developing battery operated vehicles and adding some some self-driving cars into the mix. Diess has got big eyes on the year 2025, by which time he hopes to sell a million electric cars. He wants to “massively step up” Volkswagen’s car tech and also introduce a greater variety of SUV’s to the North american market because, after all, Americans apparently love their SUV’s. But with those lofty goals comes a plan to eliminate 23,000 jobs in the more traditional areas of the auto-manufacturing industry. Instead, Volkswagen will take on 9,000 new employees to work on tech, while wisely offering those 23,000 employees the option of early retirement over a certain amount of time, perhaps in an attempt to soften the blow. In the meantime, Volkswagen already coughed up a hefty $15 billion settlement with both U.S. regulatory agencies and Volkswagen owners.

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Barnes & Noble reported yet another dismal quarter of declining revenue, except this time the bookseller is blaming the election for its poor fiscal performance. How convenient. Sales fell 3.2% and probably would have fallen even more were it not for sales of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” Barnes & Noble also reported that their online sales improved 12.5%, however, that figure might be a bit more convincing if it provided an actual dollar amount in its report. Nook devices, digital content and accessories were down close to 20%. But can all of that really be blamed on the election? Hmmm. On the bright side, operating losses for the Nook this quarter were only $8.2 million. Hey, don’t laugh. Last year at this time that figure was $30 million. All in all, Barnes & Noble still has cause to celebrate as it only lost just over $20 million and 29 cents a share when last year it lost $39 million and 52 cents per share. B&N is hoping the holiday season will help its reverse course and give it a fresh dose of fiscal mojo. CEO Leonard Riggio is hoping the company’s new $50 Nook device, debuting on Black Friday, will be a big hit. In the meantime, he’s banking on some concept stores, including one that just opened in Eastchester, New York, boasting a full-service restaurant.


At Walmart, Black Fridays Isn’t Just For Fridays; Macy’s Third Quarter Mixed Emotions; SeaWorld’s Earnings Belly Flop

You didn’t get the memo?

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Big things are happening at the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, just in time for the holiday chaos. Remember the day when Black Friday was just that? One single Friday? Well, at Walmart, those days are long gone as a new era of holiday shopping ushers in a  five-day Black Friday. Beginning the last week of November and through to the first week of December, Black Friday deals can be had for several days, beginning on Thanksgiving Thursday, at 6pm – that is, in case you’ve had your fill of tryptophan and pumpkin pie by then. Even better is the “urgent agenda” memo recently sent out to Walmarts 5,000 stores basically telling them to clean up their act in the “chilled and fresh” departments. Employees are advised to ask themselves, “Would I buy it?” when determining if meat, dairy and produce should be chucked from the shelves, discounted, or sold for full price to unsuspecting customers.

Tis’ the season…

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Macy’s had a decent quarter. Sort of. The retailer scored a profit of over 30%, pulling in $217 million and $0.61 per share. A year ago Macy’s posted a $177 million profit at $.47 per share. However, its sales numbers failed to impress dropping to $6.2 billion from $6.3 billion a year earlier. But because the company is entering a 4th quarter with a potentially frenetic and lucrative holiday shopping season, it doesn’t feel a need to dwell too much on the disappointing numbers, hoping its fourth quarter digits will erase any fiscal anguish.


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Looks like people aren’t feeling the love for Shamu, or rather the fact that the Orca and his water-loving pals aren’t joyfully frolicking in a more natural habitat. At least, judging by SeaWorld’s third quarter earnings which tanked (slight pun intended) on all fronts. Earnings came in at at close to $496 million but that was a whale of a loss from the $538 million it took in last year at this time. Net income also took a dive taking in only $87 million, a more than $30 million loss of last year’s $121 million figure. It seems SeaWorld just can’t shake all the bad press it received courtesy of the “Blackfish” documentary. While 8.4 million people visited SeaWorld parks this quarter, it was still a 5% decrease over last year’s third quarter, and the ones who did actually grace Shamu with their presence didn’t spend as much money there as in previous years either. Then there’s issue of that lovable rodent we call, Mickey over at Disneyworld/land, who together with his pals Harry Potter and Cinderella, are definitely taking a big chunk out of SeaWorld’s dwindling attendance.