OMG-D-P!!!!; No Bling In Tiffany & Co. Earnings; McDiss Day


Image courtesy of cooldesign/

Image courtesy of cooldesign/

China might be hogging center stage for its economic slowdown but the U.S. is stealing the spotlight now for the exact opposite reason. The exciting news off Wall Street today (okay, exciting is a stretch) is that the U.S. economy grew by a whopping (not a stretch) 3.7% instead of the initially estimated 2.3% growth rate. So let’s give a big shout out to the GDP for not repeating that awful first quarter growth rate of .6% which had everybody reeling and blaming a brutal winter and a slowdown at west coast ports. Business investments also saw a 4% increase even as low oil prices and a strong dollar continue to toy with our fiscal emotions. Shares went up across the indexes and the Dow Jones isn’t looking so scary right now, having gone up 1.4%. Consumer and government spending are up too. As if government spending ever goes down? So does this mean the Fed might once again forge ahead with its unwelcome plans to raise rates? Doubtful, for September anyway. But brace yourself because that hike is on the horizon.

You can forget breakfast…

Image courtesy of MR LIGHTMAN/

Image courtesy of MR LIGHTMAN/

Tiffany may have some sweet bling to offer but its earnings were anything but. The luxury goods retailer saw a 15.4% decrease in profits to $105 million, raking in 86 cents per share, a nickel short of estimates. So what gives? A strong dollar has got tourists shying away from Tiffany & Co. since they wouldn’t have been getting enough bang for their good old American bucks. However, Tiffany also saw a 21% increase in sales from Japan. The jeweler is also betting big on China, despite that fact that everyone else seems freaked about by the country’s slowing economy. Sales there are up. So clearly more than a few folks in China are plunking down lots of cash for some fancy Tiffany merchandise. Which makes perfect sense since China is the number two luxury market in the world. In fact, Tiffany is going ahead with plans to open two more stores there, adding to the thirty others already in the country and its 304 total stores. But shares of Tiffany are down 20% for the year and are currently hovering at an 18 month low. Interestingly enough (at least I thought so), less prestigious bling company Signet Jewelers Ltd., parent to both Kay and Jared Jewelers, saw some especially good earnings. Signet beat estimates of $1.15 per share to come in at $1.28 per share. Does this mean a shift in consumer preferences? Hmmm.

Off with their chicken supply…

Image courtesy of  joephotostudio/

Image courtesy of joephotostudio/

McDonald’s has cut ties with one of its chicken suppliers after some video was obtained from a Tennessee farm that supplies to Tyson, which in turn, supplies to McDonald’s. Unfortunately, these chicken farmers were allegedly using inhumane tactics on their farm – a big no-no if you wanna be in good with the Golden Arches. And while it was the right and noble thing to do to terminate their contact, McDonald’s still has not exactly landed in the good graces of Americans today. However, it has nothing to do with chicken. Only beef. As in a beef with Burger King. Perhaps you may have heard that today is National Burger Day. In a two page ad taken out in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune, Burger King wanted to join forces with McDonald’s on this auspicious day, put aside its McDiffferences, and offer up a McWhopper. Instead of graciously accepting this show of good beef, McDonald’s very undiplomatically declined the opportunity with CEO Steve Easterbrook writing, “We commit to raise awareness worldwide, perhaps you’ll join us in a meaningful global effort?” Can you say McOuch?

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