Is a Fiscal Greek Tragedy Looming?; American Apparel’s Un-Trendy Legal Woes; Curing the Black Friday Blues

What would Socrates say?

Image courtesy of koratmember/

Image courtesy of koratmember/

The Greeks let its creditors know exactly how they feel about their austerity measures and voted resoundingly against them. But at least Greece’s Foreign Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, resigned announcing via his blog “Minister No More,” much to the delight and merriment of many a Eurozone finance minister. This resignation has even got some folks mildly optimistic that the financial crisis in Greece isn’t completely unsalvageable. But these very same finance ministers are all still in a tailspin about how to avoid a fiscal disaster as Greece already defaulted on a 1.5 billion euro payment to the International Monetary Fund while another payment is due to the European Central Bank for 3.5 billion euros on July 20. If a sovereign, in this case Greece, defaults on its loans, well then, bad things will just get worse as the banks become insolvent – as in, tapped out, dry etc – and then get nationalized. Once they get nationalized a brand new currency is introduced – a change which would be very bad for so many reasons. As for those Greek banks which are staring down the wrong end of nationalization and insolvency, they’re likely to run out of cash by the weekend.  In case you haven’t noticed, Greece’s fiscal turmoil has been causing even more turmoil in the global markets. So yeah, it’s in everybody’s best interest that Greece gets its fiscal act up and economically running.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Things are looking pretty ugly for embattled clothing retailer American Apparel. The company has a $30 million cost-cutting plan in the works and that could mean an under-performing American Apparel store near you might be closing its doors forever.  The chain has 239 stores and 10,000 employees whose heads are currently on the chopping block. American Apparel is also undergoing an image makeover after ousting founder and CEO Dov Charney. New CEO Paula Schneider would like to see the company sell actual clothes, as opposed to body parts. Sounds fair. This $30 million plan will hopefully rectify some of the other problems afflicting the clothing line and reverse those “steep losses.” However, many think it’s going to take a lot more cash than that. Some of that might have to do with the over 20 lawsuits looming courtesy of the booted Dov Charney and his associates. Of course, the brass at American Apparel has called the lawsuits “meritless.” The stock, which is down over 55% for the year and is currently hovering at a dismal 45 cents per share, has a market value of about $90 million. That’s a far cry from its $540 million market value it enjoyed just five years ago.

Prime deal…

Image courtesy of Iamnee/

Image courtesy of Iamnee/

If you are eagerly pining away for the chaos that comes with Black Friday that is still an endless five months away, then you’re gong to love this next one. Amazon is throwing its very own birthday party on July 15, dubbed “Prime Day,” and has invited you to come. Amazon wants presents. It wants you to spend your hard-earned money on deals that will be featured on Amazon – deals that you usually only see on Black Friday, and as the case may be, cyber-Monday. And while you don’t necessarily need to rsvp, you won’t walk away with any ridiculously-reduced items unless you subscribe to Amazon Prime – which by the way, will set you back $99 a year. But hey, at least you’ll get instant video streaming, free two-day shipping, Prime music and maybe even some really great bargains.

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