So Long and Goodbye to Twitter’s Dick Costolo; Where Have All the Cereal Eaters Gone for General Mills; Hillary Clinton’s Bringing Her Grassroots Game On

What a long strange social media trip it’s been…

Image courtesy of iosphere/

Image courtesy of iosphere/

Dick Costolo might just have some extra time on his hands tomorrow seeing as how today is the CEO’s last day at Twitter. Okay, maybe not so much time. He’s still going to remain on the board. Costolo has the dubious distinction of having been the longest serving CEO at Twitter and it was under his leadership that the company even went public, leaving it with a $23.5 billion valuation. But from an all-time high of $69 back in January of 2014, the stock seemed to have lost its mojo and well…apparently so did Costolo.  Dick Costolo had mentioned in an exit interview how he underestimated the pressures and short-term fiscal expectations of running a publicly traded company. The soon-to-be ex Twitter CEO took a lot of heat, and not just from investors who were underwhelmed by Twitter’s slow growth and disappointing revenues. Many critics also thought Costolo didn’t do enough to stop abuse and terrorist activity.  Then there were all these pesky geopolitical issues that came up. Like how people that it was odd, and even a bit hypocritical of Twitter, that Iranian authorities use the social media platform all the time to communicate their thoughts and evil decrees, yet the citizens of Iran are forbidden to use the micro-blogging site. Until Twitter finds a more permanent solution, Jack Dorsey, who conveniently enough, is one of Twitter’s co-founders, will serve as its interim CEO.

No love for the Cheerios…

Image courtesy of  bearvader/

Image courtesy of bearvader/

For some odd reason, sales of General Mills are down. Well, the reason, in fact, is not that odd. It seems the gluten-free food movement and high-protein diets have been biting into the Cheerio maker’s numbers sending sales and shares down for its fourth quarter. Let us also not forget to put some blame on the strong dollar of ours that affected sales for the company in other parts of the world. Then there’s the issue with its Green Giant brand. Yeah, they own that too. General Mills had to write down the value of the brand that sports the over-sized, leafy green dude for a whopping $263 million. It seems that, in addition to the gluten-free and high-protein trends, consumers also now prefer their veggies fresh as opposed to the frozen varieties that Green Giant does so well. However, it should be duly noted that Green Giant still does well and scores plenty of cash for the company. Just not as much as it used to. General Mills, which also owns Yoplait and Betty Crocker, pulled in about $187 million in profits with 71 cents per share added and revenues of $4.3 billion. Analysts expected revenues to come in closer to $4.5 billion and 75 cents added per share.

This means war…

Image courtesy of digitalart/

Image courtesy of digitalart/

It really does’t matter how you feel about Hillary Clinton running for President. What does matter are her numbers.  As in, the number of dollars she already banked for her presidential primary war chest. That magical number has already hit $45 million, exceeding the $42 million President Obama raised for his  2011 primary bid. That magical number also managed to exceed Hilary Clinton’s previous 2008 $36 million presidential primary war chest. I dare you to say that one three times fast. And don’t think for a second that all that cash is coming from just a small handful of wealthy donors. Hillary Clinton has garnered some major grassroots support with over 91% of contributions coming in at $100 or less. Yeah, she’s that popular.

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