Subway Follows the Crowd; Sale Away: Cheap Southwest Fares Extended; SEC Wants to Take Down the Avon Pranker

Namaste no more…

Image courtesy of Master isolated images/

Image courtesy of Master isolated images/

Subway doesn’t just want you to eat fresh. The sandwich chain now wants you to eat au natural. The company jumped on the healthy ingredients bandwagon finally announcing that it will be unceremoniously dumping yellow number 5, and other ingredients you have come to love and rely upon for all your unhealthy needs. McDonald’s, Taco Bell and a host of other fast-food chains already announced their plans to ditch the edible offenders that also include artificial flavoring and preservatives. But Chipotle reigns supreme boasting cuisine that is non-GMO, a tough act to beat in the fast-food universe. Oh well, they can’t all be king – of fast food, that is. It’s a wonder Subway waited this long to make the switch seeing as how it took a 3.3% sales hit last year. The sandwich maker also had to deal with a smear campaign over its use of azodicarboamide, an ingredient that Subway used to make its tasty bread, but one that is also found in…yoga mats. How anyone even discovered that azodicarbonamide would be a great bread ingredient is beyond me, but I digress. If you’re dreading the day when artificial ingredients make their hasty retreat from Subway’s 27,000 U.S. locations, then fear not. The complete changeover is expected to take eighteen months.

Who doesn’t love a sale?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Some sales are just better than others, especially when there are airplanes involved. So, what was supposed to be a 72 hour sale over at Southwest Airlines, has now been extended another 24 hours to give would be trippers more time to book some wallet-friendly travel. Apparently the airline couldn’t handle the volume of traffic that flocked to its website for the sale, hoping to score some cheap fares for flights all over the country. Many enthusiastic travelers, eager to score these thrifty seats were receiving error messages when attempting to book their tickets while other bargain hunters had to deal with a slow moving site. But Southwest has beefed up their tech resources to handle the sale traffic so you still have until the end of day Friday to score a $49 (one) way trip…to somewhere.

Faking it…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Perhaps you recall the phony bid for Avon several weeks ago where a “company” ¬†that went by the name PTG Capital filed a bid with the SEC to buy Avon? The “bid” was for more than three times the price of its stock and news of the offer sent shares up more than 20%. Turns out that the credit for the incredibly stupid prank goes to Nedko Nedev, possibly one of Bulgaria’s most embarrassing residents. Except it wasn’t so much a prank but rather a scheme that allowed Nedev to sell off his shares of Avon at a much higher price than he might have gotten for them had he done so legally. This scheme was nothing new for Nedev, who along with some other conniving associates, pulled this shtick with a few other companies including Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Even though Nedev probably made a few extra bucks, he probably won’t get to spend any of it seeing as how the SEC intends to get its hands on the proceeds, not to mention, slapping Nedev with a few extra fines. However, the scheme also exposed flaws (gasp) in the SEC’s filing system which companies can actually access following certain procedures. So in a way it’s a good thing. Sort of. Okay maybe not.

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