Latest Lousy Jobs Report; Wendy’s Is Losing its Buns. Sort of; Are Commercial Drones Finally Taking Flight

Book of jobs…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

The private sector added 169,000 new jobs but that’s nothing to celebrate. Well those 169,000 people who will now be collecting paychecks can celebrate but that’s about it. While that number seems significant, and in some ways it is, it is actually the lowest number we’ve seen since January of 2014. Experts expected growth of up to 224,000, as last month’s job growth came in at 175,000. Celebrating occurs only when the numbers go up. Drops like these don’t necessarily mean the economy is about to head south, but it can suggest periods of sluggish growth are on the horizon. This gloomy news is brought to us by ADP, the largest private payrolls processor in the United State and they’ve got the dirt on the digits. But we’re still waiting on the U.S. Labor departments figures, due Friday, which are apparently more detailed and include both the public and private sectors, and may even supply us with better figures. And on the bright side, April’s growth rate wasn’t nearly as abysmal as March’s growth of just 126,000 jobs. So there’s always that heart-warming fact to fall back on.

Where’s the buns? 

Image courtesy of  atibodyphoto/

Image courtesy of atibodyphoto/

Wendy’s restaurants just came out with its earnings and announced it will be selling 640 restaurants. Taking a page from McDonald’s playbook, Wendy’s is hoping that franchising costs will help the chain take in between $400 million to $475 million. The restaurant plans to sell 380 restaurants in this year alone. So if your lifelong dream is to own a Wendy’s, this might be your chance. Wendy’s is definitely having a better quarter than McDonald’s, as the company, famous for its freckle-faced braided redhead, and I guess its food too, took in first quarter earnings of $27.5 million and 7 cents a share, just barely beating analysts expectations of 5 cents a share. However, revenue was down almost 11%. Oh well. Maybe next quarter. Wendy’s also announced that it’s selling its bakery operation in Zanesville, Ohio, which conveniently supplied the chain’s buns. While the folks in Zanesville might not be thrilled, the folks on Wall Street were and sent shares up over 7%. Shares of the company are up over 30% in the last twelve months so clearly someone over there knows what they’re doing.

Droning on and on…

Image courtesy of bplanet/

Image courtesy of bplanet/

Drone enthusiasts, rejoice! FAA Administrator Michael Huerta announced that the FAA is going to figure out how drones and other aircraft can share all that airspace safely. At the Unmanned Systems 2015 Conference, Huerta said, “Integrating unmanned aircraft into our airspace is a big job, but it’s one the FAA is determined to get right.” This exciting mission will be done through the Pathfinder Program, which will study commercial drones and all the great and lucrative ways they can be used. For instance, CNN wants to see how to gather news with drones in heavily populated areas. A company called PrecisionHawk wants to test it out for the agricultural industry to see how drones can help monitor crops. Then there’s Berkshire Hathaway company, BNSF, a railroad company, that wants to use drones to inspect tracks. Such clever usage. Surprisingly mum on these new developments was Amazon, who has long wanted to use drones to make deliveries. Amazon, if you recall, wasn’t too happy about the FAA’s rules that were proposed in February and let the FAA know it. And if you think the use of drones will take jobs away from actual human beings, then check out the reports from the  Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International which estimates that thousands of jobs would be created and  generate hundreds of millions of dollars. And judging by last month’s Labor report, this drone “thing” just keeps sounding better and better.

One response to “Latest Lousy Jobs Report; Wendy’s Is Losing its Buns. Sort of; Are Commercial Drones Finally Taking Flight

  1. Every time there is even decent news, the govt. tells us now the economy will take off. However, it has yet to happen under this admin. and it is hard to see it doing so. We continue to be middling away.

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