It’s All About the Bonus; Colorado’s State Budget Gone to Pot; Vera Bradley’s Headed Overseas

Fat cats…

Image courtesy of iosphere/

Image courtesy of iosphere/

Good news, that is, if you work on Wall Street. According to new data from New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, bonuses are up 3% in broker-dealer firms. Those bonuses managed to increase even though profits at most Wall Street firms took major hits. Together, all those lucky bonus takers took home (or are expected to take home) a very grand total of $28.5 billion, with the average earner scoring $172,860. They might have even taken home more but all those legal settlements stemming from the firms’ pernicious little roles in the 2008 fiscal crisis managed to put a crimp in profits. The securities industry also added 2,300 jobs, presumably ones that come with bonuses too. Has your jaw hit the floor yet?  Even all those pesky new regulatory changes couldn’t stop those bonuses from rising. So why exactly might this information make the New York State comptroller so giddy? Because Wall Street accounts for 19% of New York State’s revenue and when the tide is high, all boats rise.

Speaking of bonuses…

Image courtesy of Paul/

Image courtesy of Paul/

The amount of money that keeps pouring into Colorado’s state budget from marijuana sales just keeps getting…higher. No matter how you feel about legalizing recreational marijuana, there’s no denying its fiscal benefits. Sales of cannabis have helped the state rake in close to $9 million…just in the month of January. That was a whopping 163% increase over January of 2014. First, there is a a fee imposed on businesses that sell marijuana. All those businesses paid about $1 million in fees just for the privilege of selling the stuff. In sales tax receipts alone the state took in $3.5 million on a 10% sales tax for recreational pot. Colorado also puts a 15% excise tax on the stuff with funds from that going toward school improvement projects. There is a joke in there somewhere but I’ll stay away from it.

Just not that into you…

Image courtesy of ddpavumba/

Image courtesy of ddpavumba/

Handbag and accessories maker Vera Bradley took a nasty 16% hit on its stock today as it announced its abysmal fourth quarter earnings. Revenue fell 3% from a year ago to $157 million. But its that 13% drop in its net income, falling to $17.3 million, that is leaving a nasty mark. Blaming it on the fact that Vera Bradley can’t seem to attract new customers, CEO Robert Wallstrom said “overall business trends remain difficult.” Well, for Vera Bradley, anyway.  Not only is the company closing up shop on its New Haven, Indiana plant where 250 people will be left without a job, but Vera Bradley will now take the necessarily evil step of manufacturing its products overseas, since it’s apparently 90% cheaper to do so.  The company, started in 1982, went public in 2010 at $16 a share. After hitting a high of close to $50, back in 2011, the stock has been taking a vicious little dive, hitting all-time lows. All this comes two weeks after Vera Bradley named Olympic gold medalist Meryl Davis as its celebrity ambassador.

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