Not-So-Happy Meals; To Your Credit: Reporting Agencies (Finally) Agree to Play Nice; Ethical Corn Flakes

Just not that into you…

Image courtesy of joephotostudio/

Image courtesy of joephotostudio/

Looks like things keep going south for the Golden Arches. McDonald’s, the world’s largest food chain and private employer, took a major hit with global sales tanking 1.7%.  Since it’s only CEO’s Steve Easterbrook’s second week on the job, no one is blaming him…yet.  While the chain’s 36,000 restaurants took a hit as whole, in Europe, sales actually went up 0.7%….for the month. Too bad things in Japan things were precipitously worse, as McDonald’s took a $186 million loss for 2014. Apparently diners there didn’t appreciate finding things in their food that weren’t supposed to be in food. China and other parts of Asia also dealt with problems, including shifty meat suppliers. McDonald’s mentioned that “consumer needs and preferences have changed” and then there’s that issue of “ongoing aggressive competitive activity.” Which is basically saying that people would rather eat someplace else, like at Panera and Chipotle, which have certainly taken big bites from McDonald’s sales. But in an effort to pump some fiscal juice back into its portfolio, customers at some 2,000 locations will get to customize their own burgers with its “Create Your Taste” program. Now if only there was a “Create Better Sales” program…

A debt of gratitude…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

It all started with an investigation back in 2012 by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Actually it all started way before that when credit reporting agencies decided to make life difficult on consumers by making them jump through hoops if – heaven forbid – they had the audacity to dispute their credit reports. Following many many many complaints to the AG’s office, Schneiderman began his investigation followed by a lawsuit that led to an agreement which consumers are sure to appreciate (probably more so than the credit reporting agencies). The three biggest credit reporting agencies, also known as Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, who happen to report credit scores for a whopping 200 million Americans, have graciously agreed to behave a lot nicer and make things easier and quicker for consumers to dispute their reports. Since half of all debt reported comes from medical bills as a result of late insurance payments, the agencies will now give consumers 180 days to pay those bills. If you have other disputes, rest assured the process is about to get considerably easier. Under the new agreement, victims of fraud and identity theft should also have an easier time clearing things up. The agencies, however, were given three years to implement these new practices, so you might not want to hold your breath.

Not exactly the Oscars?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

You may have never heard of Wipro but if you’re in the market for a global information and technology consulting company, you might want to remember that name, as Wipro was just named 2015’s World’s Most Ethical Company. Every year Ethisphere Institute, a business consulting firm that focuses on best business practices, puts out its own list of “most ethical companies” with Wipro claiming the top title this year. So who else made the list? Gap Inc., H&M and Levi Strauss took home the top Ethical Prizes for “Apparel.” Hasbro and Mattel made the list for the “Toys and Games” category while Google took home the top spot for “Computer Services.”  Kellogg Co. made it onto the top five most Ethical “Food and Beverage companies for the seventh time, mind you, with The Hershey Company a few spots behind it. Petco took the number two spot for “Retail” while Starbucks Coffee Company took the top spot in the “Specialty Eateries” category. For the complete list of this year’s winners click on the link


One response to “Not-So-Happy Meals; To Your Credit: Reporting Agencies (Finally) Agree to Play Nice; Ethical Corn Flakes

  1. I have a meeting later today – and we are meeting at Starbucks – which is where 50% of my meetings take place! LOL, but now I can look smart and let them know we are frequenting the top spot in special eateries for most ethical companies!

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