Smokin’ Earnings for CVS; Yelp Satisfies Craving by Scooping Up Eat24; Israelis Go Full Force On Corporate Cyber Attacks

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Image courtesy of Mister GC/

Image courtesy of Mister GC/

CVS had some smokin’ good earnings even though it kicked the tobacco habit. As one of the largest pharmacies in all the land, CVS beat those fourth quarter estimates, and perhaps even shocked the tobacco industry, by earning a record $1.32 billion in profit and $1.21 a share. A year ago CVS pulled in $1.27 billion, tobacco and all. It was a big gamble, getting rid of cigarettes and its nicotine friends, since tobacco helped CVS pull in $2 billion annually. What may have contributed, however, to this quarter’s pleasing numbers was a super-combo of two very unique factors:  First, there are more insured Americans – who were previously uninsured – making up for lost times by getting all their prescriptions filled, and then some. Then there was that flu vaccine that proved less than useful against this season’s particularly nasty strain of the virus. Because the vaccine wasn’t as effective this time around, consumers were flocking to CVS to buy flu remedies causing a 13% increase in sales to $37.1 billion. Analysts only expected CVS to pull in $36 billion. So I guess, in some weird alternate universe, CVS can thank the flu. Sort of.

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Image courtesy of Iamnee/

Image courtesy of Iamnee/

Yelp is hoping to increase its presence in the food delivery arena by chowing down Eat24 to the very hearty price of $134 million. The two companies did some experimenting over a year ago and apparently it whet Yelp’s appetite to go full force on acquiring the online ordering engine. While Eat24 was only founded back in 2008, it already deals with 200,000 restaurants in 1,500 cities. Yelp will now compete with GrubHub –  who itself had a nifty little IPO debut back in April –  and is counting on its recent purchase to allow for a more streamlined approach to the online ordering experience. Sounds pretty tasty to me. Yelp currently has around 84,000 advertising accounts and, in case you were curious, it also has about a million restaurants listed with 135 million average monthly users dishing out their reviews, however unsavory they might be.

Bring it on…

Image courtesy of chanpipat/

Image courtesy of chanpipat/

Because Israel’s cyber-security is actually a matter of life and death for its citizens, it only make sense that it would lead the way in cyber-hacking defense. And since necessity is the mother of invention, it should come as no surprise that the latest defense mechanism to be used in the fight against corporate hacking – think Target, JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot, to name but a few –  is coming from Israel’s military. And hey, if you happen to make a few bucks on all the economic opportunities that come with protecting your peeps, then why not? Unit 8200, Israel’s elite intelligence division, has entered the cyber defense fray, launching its very own “cyber security” foundry called Team 8. With some help from investors like Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and Cisco, it’s safe to say (no pun intended, or maybe a little) that Team 8’s got some major street cred. Founded by former Unit 8200 member Nadav Zafrir, Team 8 bills itself as a “start-up for start-ups” (catchy, huh?).  No doubt Target, Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase are currently exploring their cyber-security options and licking their chops in anticipation of what Team 8 can do for them. Or not. Whatever the cost to implement the technology, it will still pale in comparison to the epic damage cyber hacks can cause. But I’m guessing if Eric Schmidt is throwing money at Team 8, then it’s probably worth it to have a go at the technology.

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