Apple’s iPhone Sales Bursting at the Screens; Social Media Bets on Real-Time Ads for Superbowl; Shake Shack IPO Just Keeps Getting Tastier

And the magic number is…

Image courtesy of SOMMAI/

Image courtesy of SOMMAI/

Apple’s first quarter earnings shocked everybody…that is, except for Apple. It was shocking because analysts didn’t come even remotely close to the numbers Apple posted. Besides its other products, including iPads, iPods, Macs, etc, Apple sold a whopping 74.5 million iPhones taking in about $74.6 billion with earnings of $3.06 per share. Analysts estimated that, Apple, the world’s most valuable company (valued at $178 billion, by the way) would only pull in a paltry $67.7 billion and $2.60 per share. Consumers are clearly digging the bigger screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple graciously waited until after the market closed yesterday to announce its earnings, following a fiscally dismal day that saw the Dow drop close to 300 points. Now keep an eye on Apple’s second quarter when it begins gracing the universe with its Apple Watch, which is rumored to be going for about $350.

It’s getting real-ly ad-dicting…

Image courtesy of sumetho/

Image courtesy of sumetho/

Facebook is looking to pull a “Twitter” during this year’s Superbowl with “real-time ads.” For real. Just know that whatever gets posted or discussed on feeds during the “big game,” Facebook will be picking up on keywords and start sending out ads according to those posts and discussions. With 155 million daily users in the US and Canada alone, companies are hoping that this tactic will bring in some major revenue from the sheer force of this advertising tactic. Twitter, which is already a pro when it comes to “real-time ads” is even setting up a “war room” (Twitter’s term, not mine) for 13 advertisers, among them the ever-reliable PepsiCo and Anheuser Busch, in an effort to crank out on-the-spot/fly tweets, ads and other assorted means of subtle yet highly effective and entertaining advertising. Considering that NBC is raking in $4.5 million for a thirty second spot during the Superbowl, all this effort going towards digital advertising is a relative bargain.

Shake Shack-ing things up…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

As burger joint (with “joint” being a major understatement) Shake Shack gears up for its much anticipated IPO, the company just raised its IPO range to $17 – $19 per share, versus last week’s rage of $14 – $16 per share. Yes, the food is that good. The company’s valuation has now been raised to a staggering $675 million, with 63 stores worldwide and 31 in New York City alone. It’s incredibly hard to believe that restaurateur Danny Meyer started his shake and burger phenomenon out of a modest little hot dog cart in 2001, graduating to just a kiosk in 2004. But now, Shake Shack is grilling up burgers and serving up shakes in 9 countries and 34 cities. Its New York City restaurants, valued at over $10 million, are estimated to pull in over $7 million in annual sales. The other Shake Shack establishments scattered over the globe pull in closer to the $3 million range. 5.75 million shares of Shake Shack will be offered  – under the aptly named ticker SHAK, and are expected to pull in an additional $95 million.

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