Is Xiaomi the Next Big Thing to Hit the Smartphone Scene?; Russia’s Ruble in the Rubble; Shake Shack Shaking Up Wall Street

Third’s the word…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Here’s a riddle for you: If Samsung is the number one smartphone maker in the world, with Apple perched at the number two spot, then who has taken third? Hint: It’s not LG. Or Nokia. Or Motorola. Or… In fact, the number three smartphone maker in the world has yet to reach our shores, even though the company’s got a $45 billion valuation and is slated to become the most valuable IPO. Ever. In case you haven’t figured it out – and it’s okay if you didn’t –  I am talking about Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. The company which, just pulled in another $1.1 billion in funding, is number one in the mammoth Chinese market. It also happens to be the fastest growing smartphone maker and the most valuable start-up in the world right now (yes, even more so than Über and Pinterest, if you can believe it). And by fast I mean the company’s sales are up 211% in the third quarter, having taken a 5% bite out of the market share. Xiaomi, whose Mi4 smartphone coincidentally, bears a striking – make that very striking – resemblance to the iPhone, actually makes most of its money from apps and add-ons, and not from the phone itself. It also apparently has some nifty marketing strategies, though I can’t weigh in on that one. Xiaomi is currently focusing on branching out into places like Indonesia, Russia and Mexico with no immediate plans to come to the US, which clearly hasn’t been a problem for it.

Is that a recession I smell…

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Russia’s not having a very good week. News is out now that the economy there shrank for the first time in five years. The GDP fell by .5% with the Russian government saying that next year the GDP could go down by as much as 4%. How do you say “yikes” in Russian? The ruble is continuing its slide,  falling the most in two weeks, and is about 40% weaker than the dollar. It’s down by about 70% since the beginning of the year. Of course the international sanctions imposed on Russia by other countries who were not cool with its incursions into the Ukraine are being blamed. And, of course, Russia then decided to block imported food – a move that has not been good for anyone on either side of the issue. Then there’s the price of oil which keeps dropping and dropping and…well, it’s no fun to see oil numbers drop if you happen to be the largest energy exporter and well, that’s exactly what Russia is.

Yeah, it’s that good…

Image courtesy of KEKO64/

Image courtesy of KEKO64/

Apparently the Shake Shack is so good that Wall Street will get to partake of its delicacies in the form of a $100 million IPO that the company just filed today. Conceived by restaurateur Danny Meyer, the chain will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the aptly named ticker symbol SHAK. The company began as a single “shack” in New York City’s Madison Square Park and quickly grew to 63 locations…worldwide, with half of those operated by licensees. Shake Shack reported sales of $140 million in 2013, a scrumptious $81 million gain from the year before. Investors are awfully curious to see how Shake Shack will fare considering the mixed results the market has seen from food companies like perennial fave Chipotle to less than stellar performer Noodles & Co. If that’s not enough to whet your IPO appetite, then how about the fact that they pay an average hourly wage of $10.70 with health benefits and paid time off?

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