Is the Banking Industry About to Get Turned on its Fiscal Head?; Lululemon Posts Some Zen Earnings; Noah’s Ark is in Park;

Want to join the “Club?”

Image courtesy of nuchylee/

Image courtesy of nuchylee/

It’s time to welcome New York Stock Exchange’s latest IPO darling, Lending Club, trading under the ticker symbol LC (catchy, huh?). The banking industry, however, might not be giving it the warm reception that the rest of Wall Street will be showing it. The Lending Club, whose stock price had been set at $15 per share (and is trading at $23.79 as I write this), sets people up, but not quite like Tinder or The Lending Club matches borrowers with lenders of money. Founded in 2006 by Renaud Laplanche, Lending Club set out to make borrowing cheaper…and easier, than traditional banks and lending institutions. How very considerate.  Lending Club gets a fee per loan transaction and a  loan transaction can be for as little as $25.00. But with $6 billion in loans, thus far, the loan transactions probably tend to be a bit higher. The company is being watched by the alternative lending industry – and banks, no doubt – because if Lending Club does well – or not, it could indicate success – or failure – for other companies with similar models.

Assume warrior position…

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn/

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn/

See-through yoga pants be damned. It seems design flaws and a fallout with Lulelemon Athletica Inc. founder Chip Wilson could not stop the yoga wear maker from kicking some analyst estimate bootie. Profits for the company came in at close to $60.5 million and $0.42 per share. Online sales were up 27%, as well. Analysts had the company pegged for $0.38 per share. Still, it’s hard to overlook the fact that those numbers were down 8.5% from a year ago when the retailer posted $66 million in profits and $0.45 per share. So it must be a good thing then that the company has big plans to outfit men all over the world in its athletic gear. In fact, Lulelemon hears a $1 billion opportunity knocking with that idea. That’s probably why it opened its first men’s store in New York City last month.  Namaste.

Get your raincoats…

Image courtesy of njaj/

Image courtesy of njaj/

It seems  state funds have dried up for the Kentuck-based Noah’s Ark Encounter, as the $18 million in tax breaks and government funding was just yanked from the folks who are attempting to bring that famous biblical episode to life. The museum, which will be located  conveniently next to the “Creation Museum,” will boast a 500 foot recreation of the famous wooden ark, taking into account the measurements specified in the book of Genesis. However, the reason for the fund-yanking is the company behind the museum, a non-profit subsidiary of Answers in Genesis, plans on hiring based on religion. Meaning if you’re not religious enough, you need not apply – a veritable problem if you are looking to get state funds for a tourist attraction. Naturally, like any money-centered deal that goes south, legal options are being explored by the Creation Museum group with a billboard campaign in Kentucky and…New York (go figure) to counter criticism. In the meantime you can check out the 700,000 square foot Creation Museum, which has attracted some one million visitors since it opened its pearly gates back in 2007.

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