Bob Marley’s Smokin’ Legacy; Oil Prices Are Down So Why Aren’t Airline Fares?; Urban Outfitters Unhip Earnings

Toke on this…

Image courtesy of Paul/

Image courtesy of Paul/

He’s been gone a long time, smoking a big fat joint in the sky, but Reggae icon Bob Marley still managed to score a worldwide exclusive, 30 year licensing deal for the “world’s first cannabis brand” appropriately dubbed Marley Natural. With the help of a Seattle-based, cannabis-focused (how industrious!) venture capital firm, Privateer Holdings, Marley Natural will feature strains of heirloom Jamaican cannabis. Kind of like heirloom tomatoes, except I’d never put tomatoes into a batch of brownies. But it won’t just be cannabis that you can purchase under the Marley Natural brand. The brand will also be putting out other useful stuff like lotions and containers (in which to store your cannabis to optimize freshess). No doubt those items will certainly make nice gifts (but again, you can’t smoke ’em). And bonus: the products will even have a “strong social conscience.” Expect to see the cannabis and other products in places where Federal law allows this sort of thing.

Up up and away…


Image courtesy of federico stevanin/

The joys of dropping oil prices will only carry you so far – by car anyways. Because even though airlines saved over a billion dollars in fuel costs last year, they seem to be pretending that they didn’t get the memo about dropping airfares prices. And why should they? After all, we’re still booking tickets at the prices the airlines set. Those prices are coming in at an average of over $370 per ticket, which by the way, does not include fees and taxes. Planes are still full – and often oversold. Airlines are posting great profits and would much prefer to order new planes and give their terminals face-lifts than pass those fiscal delights onto the very contingent that brought about those profits in the first place.

Time to move to the suburbs?

Image courtesy of digitalart/

Image courtesy of digitalart/

Urban Outfitters is not looking as hip and cool as it used to be, at least according to its third quarter earnings. Sure the company posted growth, but mainly from its Anthropologie and Free People brands – not from its namesake. Which I suppose stings a bit in the portfolio. While the company beat its sales estimates by $1 million, coming in at $814 million, it was its earnings that provided the fiscal bummer. The company earned just over $47 million and $0.35 per share which might seem solid, but really Wall Street expected earnings of $0.41 per share. What made those earnings that much more fashion-backward was the fact that the same time a year ago the company pulled in $70 million and $0.47 per share. Some were wondering if maybe the company’s disappointing earnings had more than a little to do with some of its more offensive merchandising offerings, like the blood-spattered Kent State sweatshirt or the women’s “Eat Less” t-shirt. Even though the items were eventually pulled from the shelves, it still begs the question if they left an un-hip impression on the very consumers it tends to attract.

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