Alibaba Love Story; CVS Gets the Last Hacking Laugh; Holiday Retail Shaming

Like you expected anything different?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba dished out its very first earnings report since going public and surprised NO ONE! Revenue was up an insanely impressive 54% to $2.74 billion even though analysts only expected a “modest” $2.61 billion figure. Net income for the company was up 16% to $485 million which, incidentally, was not as much as hoped. But hey, that’s literally the price you pay to become a record-setting $25 billion IPO. If you recall, Alibaba (BABA) began trading at $68 per share when it made its Wall Street debut back in September. But if you’d like to purchase some shares today, you’re going to have whip out over $104 per share. I bet your kicking yourself over that one, huh? Alibaba’s active buyers are up 52% to 307 million users while the number of its mobile monthly users doubled. Yes. Doubled. No major IPO success story (or quarter) would be complete without bringing a little Hollywood glamour into the mix. Which is precisely why Alibaba Chairman, Jack Ma, has been kicking it in La La Land recently.

And they said it couldn’t be done…

Image courtesy of Mister GC/

Image courtesy of Mister GC/

CVS can take a non-emphysemic sigh of relief now that its earnings came out. The company’s idea to kick the tobacco habit from its shelves in close to 8,00 stores did not prove to be a fiscal disaster after all. On the contrary, the company posted better than expected earnings – across the board! Ha! Who says tobacco always wins? Actually I don’t know if anybody has ever said that…but moving on. True the company did take a bit of a hit over its initiative to pull smoking products from its shelves but revenue still went up. In fact, it was up by 10% and $35 billion – $250 million more than analysts’ predictions. But it gets even better. Retail sales were up over 3% to about $16.7 billion. It turns out that CVS got a little boost from Americans covered under ACA and Medicaid. But the big boost came from (drumroll please…) prescription drugs. Oh the irony…out with tobacco and in with prescription drugs.

Attention K-Mart shoppers…

Image courtesy of cooldesign/

Image courtesy of cooldesign/

Now you can get your Black Friday game on the day before. Which is, of course, Thanksgiving. In fact, if you are so jonesing for a shopping fix wile most people have yet to wake up and defrost their poultry, take comfort in knowing that you can mosey on over to you local K-Mart, which will be conveniently opening its doors at 6:00 am, and staying open until (Black)Friday November 28 at midnight. Warms the heart, no? While a slew of retailers have decided to begin the Black Friday chaos/fun/sales before most Americans even digest their Turkey, there’s a whole group of companies that have shunned the practice of opening on the national holiday and have taken to retail-shaming their fellow retailers. Why there’s even a page dedicated to the cause appropriately called Boycott Black Thursday. K-Mart insists that employees who work Thanksgiving day are doing so voluntarily for “holiday pay.” Even though K-Mart and other stores are opening earlier to beef up sales, oddly enough, last year K-Mart sales actually fell during the holiday season after instituting this new “working-holiday” tradition.


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