Facebook Fright; Hershey’s Not So Sweet Earnings; Lowe’s Looking to R2D2 for Inspiration?

Not liking this…

Image courtesy of FrameAngel/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of FrameAngel/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Facebook just can’t be beat. Or can it? Hmmm. For its sixth straight quarter it toppled Wall Street expectations. It’s third quarter pulled in $3.2 billion which was a 59% whopper of an increase over last year’s equally impressive $2 billion. Wall Street analysts predicted only $3.1 billion. Ha! What do they know. Even its daily active users are up 19% to 864 million. I bet Twitter wouldn’t mind seeing some digits like that. Apparently 30% of us get caught up on our current events via Facebook. Then Facebook earned a hefty $0.43 per share, $0.03 more than what was expected. So how, you ask (and I know you are), is it even remotely possible that the stock took an 11% dive today? For that we can thank Facebook CFO David Wehner, who said some rather fiscally upsetting things during the company’s earnings call. For instance, Facebook costs will increase by a not so modest 55%-75%. Wall Street doesn’t care for stuff like cost increases. It tends to put a damper on things. If the cost increases weren’t upsetting enough, Mr. Wehner also had the audacity to spook Wall Street by mentioning that revenue will slow down. Yikes.

Not sweet on this…

Image courtesy of lamnee/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of lamnee/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The second largest, publicly traded confectioner just reported its earnings and you can bet they weren’t nearly as sweet as Facebook’s (but then again, what is?). I am talking about Hershey’s of course, maker of everybody’s favorite something or other. For me it’s the classic bar with almonds. Just saying. As for Hershey’s earnings, sales were up 6%. I am sure I assisted in that. Its market share stands at an impressive 31%, having grown .2% this quarter, yet again. But the company sadly missed analysts’ estimates. First of all, the company had revenues of $1.96 billion, which many would find to be a very respectable number. But not for Wall Street who strongly felt that revenue for Hershey’s should have been $1.97 billion. Yes missing that $10 million was kind of a drag. Then there was the earnings per share issue. The candy company gained $1.05 per share. Yet that wasn’t enough to satisfy Wall Street’s craving for $1.08 per share.

How’s that for customer service?

Image courtesy of digital art/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of digital art/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Attention humans: Your employment days might be numbered, thanks to Lowe’s. The home-improvement/hardware chain is testing out the use of robots to help customers in its stores. If you happen to be in San Jose, California, you might want to check out four of the new R2D2 wannabes, dubbed OSHbots at the Orchard Supply Hardware. No word on how much this little endeavor is costing and its cost effectiveness over real people. Lowe’s stock, however, is up 11% for the year, so far. Equipped with 3D cameras, screens and other doodads and knick-knacks, the OSHbots can help you find whatever it is you are looking for in the store. Just not an actual human being.

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