Analysts Not Atwitter Over Twitter; Apple and Alibaba Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore; No Seven Year Itch for Consumer Confidence

Tweetered out…

Image courtesy of ddpavumba/

Image courtesy of ddpavumba/

Twitter earnings were all the rage yesterday. However, they weren’t much more than that. The micro-blogging site posted better than expected numbers for its third quarter revenue. But that $361 million figure and $0.01 profit the social media site pulled in was just not enough to turn Wall Street’s attention away from the negative, which is: slow user growth. Analysts are more than a bit concerned that it lacks a certain something. That something being broad mainstream appeal. While user growth was up to 284 million from 271 million in the second quarter, the pace at which it grew was simply too slow. It also doesn’t help that actual usage –  as in people who were already members – slowed as well. Users are just not spending as much time On Twitter as analysts would like. Basically, analysts feel that…I hate to say it…that it’s just not Facebook. There. I’ve said it. Don’t hate me for it.

No fear of commitment…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

What happens when a US tech giant and a Chinese e-commere giant start gushing all over each other? Well for one, the e-commerce giant hits a pricey milestone. In this case, I’m talking about Alibaba topping the $100 mark yesterday all because of talk of potential. Really. As in the potential for things to happen. At the WSJD global tech conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma entertained a little lovefest over each other and the potential opportunities that could potentially occur from potential partnerships from the two companies – particularly with regard to Apple Pay. All this talk of potential set Wall Street tongues wagging. Jack Ma said of Apple and Cook, “I hope we can do something together.” How touching. How touching that the mere “hope” of something coming out of a union between Apple and Alibaba caused stock prices to increase. But Tim Cook took the gushing to new heights when he said of Jack Ma and Alibaba, “We’re going to talk about getting married later this week.” How potentially beautiful.

It’s all about the confidence, baby…

Image courtesy of sheelamohan/

Image courtesy of sheelamohan/

Feeling confident, are we? Well, actually we are, at least according to the handy dandy Consumer Confidence Conference Index, that good old barometer of all things fiscally confident, (or lack thereof). October’s reading was a very robust 94.5, which just so happens to be the highest reading in seven years and a far cry from September’s paltry 89. Experts had expected a number in the 86 range, but what do they know? Actually a lot, but let’s move on. So what exactly is making us so confident these day? It’s the not so little things like a strong labor market and low gas prices. If those things aren’t enough to boost your self-esteem, then I don’t know what is. Now if we could just keep riding this fiscal wave…


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