Yahoo for Snapchat?; Why SodaStream Fizzled; The Container Store Coming Up Short

Make it snappy…

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG/

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG/

There’s an expensive little rumor going around that Yahoo is about to plunk down a hefty $20 million to become a part of the magic we call Snapchat. However, the app that has around 100 million users, and doesn’t generate much in the way of revenue, has got some wondering what exactly Snapchat sees in Yahoo. After all, Snapchat already dissed offers from both Google and Facebook. Snapchat, whose valuation is currently pegged at a not-so-modest $10-$20 billion, depending on whom you ask, is getting ready to prance around its latest offering, Snapchat Discovery. In case you hadn’t heard, that service is for professionally produced content, and like regular Snapchat, the content would still disappear after a certain period of time. Good thing Yahoo has been scooping up scads of professional producers to come up with new content. And let’s face it, Yahoo does have a certain knack for distributing all kinds of entertaining and useful content, apps and of course, the all-important ads, which is something from which Snapchat could surely benefit. As for Yahoo, well it needs something to do with all that money it made off of Alibaba Group.

Fizzled out…

Image courtesy of Suat Eman/

Image courtesy of Suat Eman/

Just because you’ve got Scarlett Johansson shilling for you, doesn’t mean your earnings are going to be just as star-studded. Case in point: SodaStream, the Israel-based company that went public in 2010, and which just saw its shares plunk down to a new low. Shares of the soda machine-maker fell below $23.00 for the first time. Ever. The company’s own predictions forecasted a 13% hit in its revenue, falling to a paltry $125 million. Certainly, the fact that Coca Cola, together with Green Mountain Coffee, are parading out its own version of a soda-making machine aren’t helping matters. So like every other company with food and beverage offerings that has taken a fiscal punch, SodaStream has made the decision to shift its focus to “health and wellness.”

Contain yourself!

Image courtesy of graur razvan donut/

Image courtesy of graur razvan donut/

With a name like “The Container Store” you can’t go wrong. Or can you? Shares of the company took a big a harsh 11% hit after reporting its second quarter earnings. It seems  the company failed to sell enough “containers” and such. Even though it earned over $193 million in revenue, it was several million short of Wall Street predictions. However, all was not lost as the company still managed to pull in an $0.11 per share profit.

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