Is There An iPhone 6+ in the House?; Jack Ma’s Very Good Day; Clorox Says “Adios” to Venezuela

Best. Ever…

Image courtesy of jannoon028/

Image courtesy of jannoon028/

Apple had an awesome weekend selling more than 10 million new iPhones in what has turned out to be Apple’s best debut weekend for an iPhone. Ever. There were of course some major movie debuts, as well. But who cares because it seems everybody was standing on line waiting to grab their new iPhones instead. The big mystery, it seems, is which iPhone did people buy? Was it the $199 iPhone 6 or the $299 iPhone 6+ aka “the bigger one.” By September 26, 20 more countries will be afforded the opportunity to purchase the device. Which brings us to another big mystery – namely, that China, undoubtedly one of the largest smartphone markets will not be one of those countries.  In fact, it’s not known, if or when China will ever be launching the iconic devices on its shores because apparently…wait for it…the device still needs “government approval” from the Chinese government, that is.

Speaking of China…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

It’s official. After all the hype and hoopla, Alibaba, the New York Stock Exchange’s newest “it” stock, did live up to all the chatter surrounding its debut.  The stock now holds the record for being the biggest IPO. Ever. In the world. Ever. Easily leaving Facebook’s IPO record in the dust. CEO Jack Ma, with minimal effort, raised $25 billion and the stock began trading on Friday at 35% higher than its $68 IPO price. Today, however, shares are down – below $90, still way way way above it’s IPO price. The ticker symbol, by the way, is BABA. Catchy, right? I thought so too.


Image courtesy of artur84/

Image courtesy of artur84/

Venezuela is about to get a whole lot dirtier as Clorox pulls the plug on its operations over there. For the last three years, the price of Clorox products remained frozen, courtesy of the Venezuelan government. Not all of Clorox’s products had a price freeze -but 2/3s of them did, which made it pretty difficult not to operate at a regular staggering loss. But the price freeze alone wasn’t the only problem. Triple digit inflation led to higher prices for raw materials, packaging, wages, transportation, and other very important things necessary to run a company. Of course, the suits at Clorox graciously tried to explain the arithmetic to the Venezulan government officials but they just wouldn’t play ball. Sure they agreed to increase prices, but not enough. In fact, it was nowhere near enough. Wall Street clearly thought the decision to bail on Venezuela to be muy bien and sent shares of company north (no pun intended – okay, well maybe just a little).

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