Microsoft Gets “Craft”-y; Radio Smack; Marriott Hotels: The Envelope Please…


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Look out Xbox. Microsoft put on its best game face as it picked up Mojang Ab, the maker of Minecraft, arguably one of the most awesomest games to hit the universe. Ever. Actually it hit the universe in 2009 and to date has raked in about $100 million in profit, not just from the game itself but from merchandising and licensing deals, as well. The game has sold over 50 million copies (and counting). For the privilege of owning this gaming masterpiece, Microsoft has to write out a hefty $2.5 billion check.  However, the interesting part of this not-so-little sale is that the founders and top executives (and shareholders)  – all three of them – will not be coming along for the ride. Rumor has it that Swedish Minecraft creator Markus Persson, and company, have big plans to focus on new endeavors. Though the super pricey acquisition is not really expected to bring in major bank for Microsoft,  it is expected to beef up the presence of Microsoft’s Windows based smart phones, now that Minecraft will be so handily available.


Image courtesy of pat138241/

Image courtesy of pat138241/

As it sails towards the seas of bankruptcy, Radio Shack’s CFO, John Feray, decided to jump ship, resigning for “personal reasons” less than eight months after assuming his post. Tis’ a shame indeed for if he had just stayed through March 2015, he could have pocketed $275,000 as part of a retention agreement in his contract. I wouldn’t mind a few hundred thousand in my pocket just for staying put. But alas, consultant Holly Etlin will, for the second time, serve as interim CFO. Radio Shack CEO Joe Magnacca acknowledged Radio Shack is thisclose to riding the bankruptcy pony on its 5,000 stores while dexterously managing to avoid discussing the untimely departure of Mr. Feray. The electronic retailer has been trying to scale back by closing hundreds of stores but it would appear to be of no avail as it just can’t compete with all those online retailers offering up goodies at extremely competitive prices.

Cuz you’ve got hospitality…

Image courtesy of pigdevilphoto/

Image courtesy of pigdevilphoto/

Tip the housekeeper! So says Maria Shriver, sometimes Kennedy and ex-wife of the Governator, who just launched a program called A Woman’s Nation, to promote the advancement of women in the workplace and to recognize the value of woman in all areas of life. Go Women! And you too, Maria Shriver! Because hotel guests rarely see the hotel room attendants, their hard work and efforts often get overlooked. But those days are sure to come to an end, at Marriott Hotels, anyway, as strategically placed and conveniently marked envelopes will be put out to remind guests to leave a tip of between $1-$5 a day – as opposed to leaving a tip only once a guest checks out. Incidentally, room attendants are the largest employee group of Marriott and work in over 160,000 rooms in over 4,000 properties all over the world. The company pulled in $13 billion in revenue in 2013.



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