CVS Not Getting Smoked; Home Depot Data Breach? Check; Viva La Truce!


Image courtesy of Mister GC/

Image courtesy of Mister GC/

You might want to think about skipping CVS today if you were jonesing for a cigarette. Well maybe you should consider skipping the cigarette altogether, but I digress. Since really this is all about how CVS is kicking the cigarette habit out the door from all of its 7,700 plus establishments. It’s also launching a campaign to get people to be quitters – of smoking, that is. CVS is hoping that with its new “wellness” initiative it will attract even more consumers to those thousand of stores. And CVS is gong to need all the customers it can get as this move is expected to cost $2 billion in annual revenue. That’s a lot of wellness to make up for. Besides dumping its tobaacco products, CVS is also dumping the name CVS Caremark and is now going by CVS Health. Got that? The move was initially slated for October 1, but I guess they decided the sooner, the better (to lose that $2 billion). By the way, Walgreens has not announced a similar plan.


Image courtesy of Victor Habbick/

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick/

Home Depot officially joins the illustrious ranks of companies who’ve been targeted (no pun intended – well, maybe just a little) with a data breach. To be fair, however, the issue is still under investigation after some “unusual activity” was noted. Hmmm.  Apparently a large cache of sensitive info made its murky little way onto some dubious black market sites. Of course, customers will not be responsible for any charges incurred as a result of the breach. Because it would be rude to hold a customer liable for such a thing. Just to be on the safe side, Home Depot is taking a page from its fellow data breach victims and is offering free ID protection. The home improvement company is just hoping its breach will be nothing comapred to Target’s $150 million breach, from which it is still reeling. The theft is thought to have been perpetrated by Ukranian or Russian hackers. How this is known I really couldn’t tell you. But some very official sources have said said this and probably could tell how they know but are probably not allowed to share such information, I presume. And of course, the stock took a a 2% hit over this recent revelation.

Making up is fashionable to do…

Image courtesy of John Kasawa/

Image courtesy of John Kasawa/

The long awaited truce has finally arrived. Of course, I am referring to the one between the world’s numero uno luxury brand LVMH and equally luxurious and ridiculously expensive retailer Hermes. What? That’s not what you thought I meant? Were you expecting a different truce? Anyways, after four years of intense, but supremely fashionable courtroom drama, the two sides have reached a very posh agreement where everybody wins. LVMH has graciously (and grace never goes out of style) agreed to sell off most of its 23.2% stake in the 177 year old, family controlled, Hermes, to the tune of over $4 billion. Also LVMH will not pursue a takeover, for the next five years anyway. It all started when LVMH kept scooping up Hermes stock in an attempt to takeover the illustrious maker of those outrageously expensive handbags. Except that it acquired all that stock in a way that didn’t require it to declare its stock acquisitions until it was almost too late, for Hermes that is. And who could blame LVMH? After all Hermes’ annual revenue consistently increases by at least 10% every single year.

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