Russian Cyber-vengeance?;Insta-gram-ification!; A&Fitch Logo Ditch


Image courtesy of Victor Habbick/

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick/

Now that a massive cyber-attack on JPMorgan Chase and a few other banks has been linked to Russian hackers, the question looms large: Was the hack attack in response to US imposed sanctions? Things that make you go hmmm. And while major amounts of data loss fell into the hands of these hackers, curiously enough, there hasn’t been an unusually high amount of fraudulent activity noted. At least for now. Which kind of suggests – in a really big way  – that yeah, this cyber attack was politically motivated. Incidentally, back in April, JPMorgan blocked a money payment from a Russian embassy to a US sanctioned bank.  That didn’t go over well – probably more so for JPMorgan than the Russians involved. In any case, with global conflicts on the rise, expect to see a lot more cyber-threats, kind of like the ones Iran has been throwing our way for years. Probably because they’re annoyed with US imposed economic sanctions. The attacks on banks are particularly impressive, more so than say those on Target, since banks have security and firewalls that are way more hardcore than those used in the retail sector. But banks have and will continue to step up their cyber-security precautions. JPMorgan is hoping $250 million and 1000 employees will do the trick.

I want it now!

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Look out Veruca Salt! If you want it all and want it NOW then give a big shout out to Instagram for redefining the shopping experince. Now when you see something on Instagram that you absolutely have to have, like, immediately, you don’t just get to like the item on Instagram. You don’t just get to love it the product on Instagram. You actually get to buy the darn thing too! No more brooding over a an Instagram shot while you frantically search the retailer’s products page. A new “Like2Buy” button will take you exactly where you need to go/be. Shopper ecstasy.

Abercrombie & Switch…

Image courtesy of Simon Howden/

Image courtesy of Simon Howden/

Shockingly…or not, depending on whom you ask, Abercrombie & Fitch had its tenth straight quarter of declining sales. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that retailers like Forever 21, Zara and H&M are offering much trendier clothing for much less. It probably doesn’t help that A&F is helmed by a loud-mouthed CEO, who was stripped of his chairman title for making such stupid, odious comments about how his company’s clothing is intended for cool, skinny and pretty people. But clearly the cool, skinnies don’t care as they have been clearly taking their business elsewhere. The company has now decided that, in the US anyway, it’s going to shed the logo that is so prominently featured on so much of its clothing. They’re hoping that a move like that will bring in more revenue since adding more larger sizes didn’t do the trick. Go figure! Same store sales fell 6% and news of the unimpressive earnings report sent shares south by 8%.

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