UPS Gets Hacked; Dollar Store Battles: Short on Glamour, Long on Drama; Housing Hits It

Do I need to sign for that?

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick/

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick/

UPS now joins that distnguished, tadly crowded field of hacking victims. Between January 20 and August 11, over 100,000 transcations may have been affected by a data breach. But lucky for UPS that it is nothing like the Target behemoth, whose own data breach affected some 70 million customers. That’s because UPS stores are not interconnected, but rather individually owned. Hence, of the over 4,500 UPS locations, only a little over 50 stores in 24 states were affected. How convenient. Sort of. Anyways, UPS, which now became the 58th largest company, taking out a not-so-smug-anymore Eli-Lilly & Co., will offer customers affected by the breach free credit monitoring and identity theft protection for a whole year. How convenient. Sort of. Anyways, after that you’re on your own.

The buck stops here…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

In the drama-packed world of dollar stores, the latest episode has Family Dollar rejecting a $9 billion buyout offer from Dollar General. Instead, the dollar chain store is thought to be seriously considering another offer from contender Dollar Tree not so much because it’s offering more money – because it is not. Dollar Tree offered only $8.5 billion. Rather, because the deal from Dollar Tree would likely allow Family Dollar CEO Howard Levine to keep his day job. The deal from Dollar General would probably have Levine taking LinkedIn resume workshops by now. Apparently there are also some anti-trust issues associated with a deal from Dollar General. Allegedly. Back in June, activist investor Carl Icahn had a hefty 9.4% stake in Family Dollar. These days his stake is around 3.6%. What that tells us could be a lot. Or nothing at all. But probably a lot. And while all this talk about dollar stores might seem funny to you, just know that there is nothing funny about the tens of BILLIONS in cash that these discount stores rake in.

Home sweet affordable home…

Image courtesy of hywards/

Image courtesy of hywards/

It’s been an exciting July. Maybe not for you. But for the housing market it sure has been. And yes, the words housing market and excitement can go hand in hand, especially since July marks the fourth straight month that existing home sales increased – a sure sign that the housing market is headed in the right – up – direction. Unfortunately, as I have written several times, the housing recovery just hasn’t been happening quick enough. Sure, sales were up 2.4%, but that percentage is still way down from where it should be in a truly healthy market. Right now, it’s like the housing recovery is at the end stages of a cold, still some coughing and a slightly runny nose.  However, home construction surged a very impressive  15.7%. That and the fact that interest rates are low and there’s more inventory coming up should make for an equally riveting August. We hope.

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