It’s Worth How Much?! Coca Cola Gets Energized and Not Banking on Terrorism

Buy high, sell higher…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

They don’t call him the Oracle of Omaha for nothing. Shares of Berkshire Hathaway, helmed by the prescient Warren Buffet, hit a new, very high, milestone. For the first time shares of the most expensive stock trading in New York hit and even surpassed the $200,000 mark going up to $201,720 a share. Yep. For a couple hundred grand you too can own a single share of Berkshire Hathaway. Mr. Buffet feels that by not splitting the stock, as most companies would have done by now, Berkshire Hathaway gets a better class of investor. By better, he means investors who are more focused on long-term results, rather than other investors who make emotional trades. My emotions would be very happy to own a few of those shares. If you were looking for a more wallet-friendly option, you could always buy B class shares of Berkshire Hathaway which trade at a little over $130.  Berkshire Hathaway’s earnings, by the way, pulled in $6.4 billion in profits. Why, that’s almost a $3,900 gain per share – for the A class shares.

Enjoy a Coke…with a Monster Beverage

Image courtesy of Naypong/

Image courtesy of Naypong/

Coca Cola (KO:US) just got a bit more monstrous now that it picked up an almost 17% stake in Monster Beverage (MNST:US) for over $2 billion. It’s all part of Coca Cola’s grand plan to take equity stakes in companies that have new emerging promising brands. In May, Coca Cola did a similar move with Keurig Green Mountain Inc. Shares of Monster Beverage went up 26% to around $90 a share. Not quite Warren Buffet territory but still not too shabby.

Would you like that in small bills?

Image courtesy of digitalart/

Image courtesy of digitalart/

Jordan-based Arab Bank is not sitting pretty in court as it stands accused of being one of the official banking institutions for terrorism. Not exactly the kind of clientele you want associated with your bank. A lawyer for a group of American terror victims said the bank funneled lots of money ear-marked under a file labeled “martyr operations” for certain designees related to terrorists and suicide bombers. These files contained a list of people who were slated to receive $5,300 a pop (definitely no pun intended). Lawyers for the bank, however, argue that the bank followed all regulations and none of the names listed were flagged by any international law enforcement organization. That probably had more to do with the fact the names linked to accounts were (intentionally?) misspelled. The transactions took place at branches in the West Bank and Gaza and the list came from the Saudi Committee for Supporting Al Quds Intifada. Arab Bank now holds the dubious distinction of being the first bank on trial under Anti-Terrorism Act.

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