Family Dollar Goes For Billions, Virgin America Set to Take Off and Amazon’s Doing What?

You call that a bargain?

Image courtesy of digitalart/

Image courtesy of digitalart/

Carl Icahn’s dreams do come true. Like every day. But that’s a whole different story. The billionaire activist investor urged Family Dollar to sell itself a while ago in an effort to save itself and add to his coffers. Both of those things happened. For around $9.2 billion, Dollar Tree is picking up its rival, Family Dollar and more than doubling in size – and dollars, of course. The new combo is expected to pull in over $18 billion in sales and rake in around $2 billion from its 13,000 stores in 48 states and Canada. Oh Canada. Of course, it’ll never be as big as Wal-Mart, but then again, will anything ever be? As for Carl Icahn who has over a 9% stake in Family Dollar, you’ll probably never find him pushing his shopping cart down the discounted aisles of the chain (though the visual does have a certain appeal), however, he did score close to $400 million from the deal.

Cleared for take-off…

Image courtesy of samuiblue/

Image courtesy of samuiblue/

Virgin America is finally announcing plans for its very own IPO, filing for $115 million, but that number is sure to change. Even though the company has struggled to make some bonus cash in the past, especially compared to its publicly traded and less accommodating rivals, last year the Burlingname-based airline carrier pulled in a $10 million profit. Virgin America is known for offering more and better priced perks than its competition which is only too eager to charge additional fees just for breathing. The airline currently has a fleet of 53 aircraft and flies to 22 airports in the US and Mexico.

Have you seen my bobble head?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Is there anything Amzaon can’t (and won’t) do? The e-commerce giant just unveiled its latest innovation – a 3D printing service – in case you were having difficulty deciding what more to buy with your Prime membership. Need some custom earrings? How about a skull made according to your specifications? Or maybe a bobble head that looks just like…you? Amazon wants you to “shop the future” by purchasing objects created just for you – and by you – on a 3D printer. There are around 200 products from which to choose with a price tag of about $30. With some 240 million users, Amazon is sure to make a buck or two.

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