Botoxed-Off, Toyed-Off and Great Whites Great For Tourism

In this week’s pharmaceutical saga…

Image courtesy of patpitchaya/

Image courtesy of patpitchaya/

Allergan, the company behind the super-important and super glam, Botox, is making news while erasing wrinkles. How ’bout that. The company announced its plan to cut 1500 jobs – roughly 13% of its work force  – hoping it will make things more efficient and productive. In the meantime Valeant, together with Pershing Square Capital, has been trying to buy(out) Allergan for $53 billion and has been tattle-telling on Allergan to regulators -and anybody else who’ll listen, about alleged rumors and other comments it made. More like the stuff of playgrounds than boardrooms but at least it keeps things interesting. The Irvine, California-based company is trying to fend off Valeant’s offers for a (hostile) takeover which Allergan says “substantially undervalues” the company. Unfortunately for Allergan, its biggest shareholder Capital Research Management just sold off its own 6.3% stake in the company, which seems to suggest that it doesn’t feel Allergan’s value is going much higher than what Valeant is offering.

Not feeling very playful…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Hasbro, maker of some of America’s most beloved board games, like Monopoly and Twister, is finding that America is not so much loving them anymore. The company that also makes Play-Doh and Nerf toys took a hit in its earnings even though sales in its boys division pulled off a 32% surge to the tune of $335 million in sales. Despite their super-hero status, there was only so much Marvel Superheroes and Transformers could do as no force seems to be greater than Wall Street which hoped for $842 million and a profit of $.37 per share. Sadly, Hasbro was only able to reign in $829 million and a penny less in earnings per share. My Little Pony and her and perfectly coiffed equine friends also helped with a $163.8 million in sales but those board games took a 12% beating. However, this time last year, the toy company pulled in over $766 million, so at least it wasn’t a total bust.

Great Escapes…

Image courtesy of vectorolie/

Image courtesy of vectorolie/

Instead of filling would be beach goers with fear, Great White Sharks have been causing a tourist spending frenzy. The carnivorous ocean denizens are creating quite a stir in the retail arena with sales of shark paraphanerlia surging. Sure, the sighting of a fin might evoke fear and panic, but don’t rule out the need for shark hoodies, shark-themed candies and the ever cuddly great-white shark plush toy. Since 1916, there have been over a hundred unprovoked attacks – thirteen of them deadly. From Cape Cod down to the Florida coast and beyond, you can count on one thing – Sharks are good for the economy.


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