Southwest Goes Global (Almost), Chrysler Goes Up and Hormel Goes For More Protein

Going (more) places…

Image courtesy of ping phuket/

Image courtesy of ping phuket/

Southwest is headed even more south…and west. The airline made its first flights today to Jamaica, the Bahamas and Aruba, as part of its new venture to go international. Plans for flights to Mexico and the Dominican Republic are also in the works. This was all part of the plan when the airline bought AirTran back in 2011 to expand and take over its routes. Southwest has been struggling to compete with other airlines like JetBlue. Its traffic grew a very miniscule 1.4% this year. Even though Southwest is the largest carrier of passengers within the United States, it’s but a blip compared to its fellow carriers who soar high above international waters. If you’re looking to book your next trip across the pond with Southwest, you’re going to have to wait a while…a really long while as Europe, Asia and South America have yet to become amongst its destinations.

Increasing-ly popular…

Image courtesy of sattva/

Image courtesy of sattva/

Chrysler is having better luck (and sales) than GM these days (but then again, who isn’t?). The third largest US automaker just came out with earnings and reported a 9% increase in sales. In fact, it was the auto company’s best June since 2007, which is a mighty feat considering the company had filed for chapter 11 back in 2009. The company, which is a subsidiary of Fiat, saw a particularly nice 28% sales increase from its Jeep brand and an even nicer 113% sales increase from its Fiat 500L. Unfortunately, Chrysler’s own brand dropped 12%. But at least it’s not experiencing issues like GM, who once again, announced yet another recall of 8 million vehicles and barely broke even in its earnings.

Rich in protein…

Image courtesy of lamnee/

Image courtesy of lamnee/

Nothing says hip, cool protein like Spam and milk. That’s just what you were thinking, right? With a winning combo like that it’s no wonder Hormel Foods (HRL) just plunked down $450 million to buy CytoSport, maker of the very muscular Muscle Milk. Hormel, which in addition to its Spam line also makes foods like chili and Skippy Peanut Butter, feels it wants to attract a younger demographic that’s like totally into its protein consumption and well…Spam just wasn’t doing the trick. Apparently, the younger generation wants their protein through a straw. With Muscle Milk, Hormel will have a cool hip brand that younger people can totally dig. Wall Street will dig the purchase as well since CytoSports, which also makes powders and bars, is expected to pull in a very wholesome and hearty $370 million.

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