Barnes & Noble Doing the Splits, The Mood Darkens at Barclays and Wall Street Not So Cuckoo For General Mills


Image courtesy of adamr/

Image courtesy of adamr/

While everyone loves a great love story, Wall Street is loving an impending break-up instead. Barnes & Noble just announced its earnings today which were less than spectacular. But it also announced its plans for the Nook – namely, that its future does not include the e-reader. Sales of the Nook have been dragging down the bookseller for awhile because it has been unable to compete with the likes of Apple and Amazon. The plan is either to make two separate companies where the Nook business would be its own public company and Barnes & Noble would keep its books, e-books and college bookstore division or the Nook business would perhaps get picked up in a private sale.Whatever the outcome, Wall Street cheered the news of the split by causing shares of Barnes & Noble to jump a little.

Dark matters…

Image courtesy of Idea go/

Image courtesy of Idea go/

Looks like Barclays is the latest bank to get slapped with a lawsuit courtesy of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The issue at hand: Dark pools. Indeed a term like that is filled with suspense and intrigue but more importantly, questionably ethical high frequency traders (or HFT’s as the cool kids call it). As necessity is the mother of invention, dark pools were crafted for institutional investors to trade huge amounts of shares under the mysterious cloak of anonymity. HFT’s were allegedly given special access to Barclays dark pools and now the bank stands accused of helping to hide the dubious ways of these HFT’s. What is the harm of all this to you? Glad you asked, telepathically, of course. HFT’s benefit by putting other investors (perhaps yourself) at a disadvantage. Some argue that HFT’s provide a public service by inadvertently (or advertently?) reducing trading costs. The SEC and Department of Justice argue otherwise.

Crumb-y sales…

Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap/

Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap/

General Mills announced its earnings. Not that it made much difference as the company’s earnings came to resemble little more than a virtually flat line. So now the company, best known in my home for such classics as Coco Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, will embark on a “formal review” which is just corporate code for finding ways to cut costs and make a ton more money. But it wasn’t a complete flat line. After all the company did go down 7% in international sales. Here in the States sales fell 3% in categories including (but not limited to) frozen foods and yogurt. Cereal remained the same at $2.4 billion in sales. The CEO blamed some of the disappointing earnings on lots of promotional spending that fell flat – no pun intended. Well, maybe just a little.


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