Not So Wholesome Foods, Is There A Nap For That? Banking On Stress

Whole lotta nothing…

Image courtesy of Africa/

Image courtesy of Africa/

Looks like Whole Foods needs to shift its focus from organics to business law now that it was slapped with a very unwholesome $800,000 in penalties and fees for overcharging its customers. Not the best move since the chain is facing increasing competition from other retailers offering organic products for considerably less money. Among the troublesome and illegal practices in which the organic chain engaged include not subtracting the weight of containers and selling prepared food by the item and not by the weight. Yes, those practices are illegal. Who knew? The offending markets are located in California. The Golden State has 74 Whole Foods Markets all of which can now look forward to four random audits a year.  However, it should be duly noted that Whole Foods says its prices were accurate 98% of the time.  And that’s great news as long as you weren’t the one paying the other 2% of the time.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer got caught napping on the job. The Silicon Valley exec was slated to have a very important meeting with ad execs in a very pish posh Cannes restaurant. She was bit late, though. That is, if you think two hours is a bit late. Some of her guests decided to leave before she arrived. She reportedly told someone at the dinner that she was late because she had fallen asleep. That faux pas was followed with a speech at a later point that was supposed to wow people. Except they were wowed by how un-wow the speech actually was. And the media wasted no time in skewering her for it. Some argue she’s getting more slack for her actions because she’s a woman. Still others feel her actions only mirrored her less-than enthusiastic attitude towards client relationships. Either way it’s a problem if only because Yahoo has been having “issues” with advertising and needs all the help it can get.

Still stressed out?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Citigroup and three other banks just can’t handle the stress…of their inadequate capital plans, anyway. It seems Citigroup, Banco Santander, the US division of HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland were supposed to have their affairs in order. Those affairs include internal controls, risk assessment in global operations and other not so minor details to make their inadequate capital plans a lot more adequate. The Feds want banks to make sure they can make it through economic downturns without needing any government handouts, which ultimately come out of taxpayer dollars. The banks were supposed to have all their action plans last week but the effort proved to be a bit too…stressful, so the they were given another six months to get de-stressed.


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