Twitter Tries to Up Its Game, Olive Garden Not Blooming and BofA Wants Quality Time With the Attorney General

Tweeting it all out…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Twitter just announced plans to snap up SnappyTV for an undisclosed amount. SnappyTV is a video sharing service where users can do all sorts of convenient and entertaining things like clip and share videos. Twitter is forging ahead with great big plans to integrate SnappyTV and all the visual enhancements it is bringing with it into Twitter Amplify. And really, who doesn’t love visual enhancements?  The social media company is in a mad crush and rush to grow its user base after announcing a less than 6% increase in growth. Numbers like that did less than wow investors and so it is on a mission to find ways to justify its high valuation that many have been calling into question.

Darden leaves Wall Street hungry for more…

Image courtesy of Feelart/

Image courtesy of Feelart/

Darden Restaurants, the apparently not so forceful force behind the Olive Garden chain, failed to feed enough people and beat analysts expectation. Despite its efforts to dump the Red Lobster chain, the company’s profit wasn’t as high as Wall Street would have liked. Revenue for the period ending in May was a paltry $2.32 billion. But the hard-to-please Street was looking for $2.33 billion in revenue. Even though the company gained $0.84 a share, Wall Street was left unsatisfied and wishing for $0.10 more per share. The company and its food offerings is having a hard time competing with fast-food establishments that have been offering better quality food with more affordable prices. As a result, Darden’s net income fell a whopping 35% from a year earlier.

BofA feeling unsettled…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Looks like Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan wants to spend some quality time with US Attorney General Eric Holder. But bonding is not on the agenda. Instead, the BofA CEO wants to try and hash out the kinks over settlement issues. BofA, the second largest bank in the United States sold some really bad loans a few years back, in case you hadn’t heard. Now the time has come to pay for all the trouble it caused and the price tag on all that trouble is going to cost billions of dollars. Reps for the bank and reps for the Justice Department already had a bunch of meetings to try and reach an agreement. But the two sides just couldn’t play nice. So Moynihan probably took a cue from JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who also personally met with Holder in back in November where the two sides emerged with a $13 billion settlement agreement. While the move seemed peculiar at the time, the fact is that it worked and the formula has been used with other naughty banks that helped cause the epic 2008 financial crisis.

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