Messing With Harry Potter, Pharrell Is Happy For Wal-Mart? and The Great Depressing American Dream

Stephen Colbert is at war…

Image courtesy of bplanet/

Image courtesy of bplanet/

If you thought messing with iconic Harry Potter author JK Rowling was bad, Amazon now must contend with the extremely witty Stephen Colbert who has entered the drama currently being played out between Hachette publishing and Colbert also happens to be a Hachette author with his 2012 publication of America Again: Re-becoming The Greatness We Never Weren’t. Good thing he has his own nationally broadcast show, The Colbert Report, where he was able to vent that he was “not just mad at Amazon … I’m mad Prime,” and then basically informed Amazon founder and chief Jeff Bezos that the two men are at war. He also brought out a sticker campaign boasting the phrase “I Didn’t Buy It On Amazon.” Of course, it wouldn’t be right if Colbert didn’t employ his (pixelated) middle finger to which he graciously informed his audience that “customers who enjoy this, also enjoy this.”

It’s Wal-Mart party time…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

In case you were looking for Pharrell on Friday, he was in Arkansas partying with Wal-Mart. Yes. You read that correctly. As part of its annual shareholders meeting, attended by 14,000 plus Wal-Mart employees from all over the globe, Wal-Mart threw itself a massive, self-congratulatory, star-studded event. Naturally it wouldn’t be a Wal-Mart party without its very own protestors but the list of things being protested against Wal-Mart is way too long for this blog. Newly anointed CEO Doug McMillon, who took over the retail giant’s reins in February, told the attendees of his big plans to speed up change and keep pace with emerging technology. Robin Thicke, Avicii and Florida Georgia Line were all part of the entertainment line-up while the incomparable Harry Connick Jr. emceed the festivities replete with dunk tanks and zip-lining. All while the CFO applauded Wal-Mart’s $473 billion in sales and $28 billion in income which is ironic since Wal-Mart’s sales have been going down for the last five quarters.

Sweet Dreams aren’t made of these…

Image courtesy of Theeradech Sanin/

Image courtesy of Theeradech Sanin/

According to a new poll with depressing results, six in ten Americans feel turning their dreams into a reality is…but a dream. Over a thousand people were surveyed and most feel they’ll be worse off than their parents. Most also feel children will not be better off than their parents and while most Americans have more wealth than their parents, it’s primarily because there are now two earners in a typical household. The perceptions are based on current economic conditions and the fact that most people are finding it harder to get better jobs with better pay. But the silver lining (if you want to call it that)? There are two: 1.Parents still believe their kids can succeed, though it will be harder. 2. This poll was about perceptions which don’t translate to facts. Don’t you feel so much better now?


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