Phil Mickelson Teeing Off the Feds? Million Dollar Dream Date and Donut Downer

The Bleachers (No. Not the band. But they do have an amazing song you should check out)…

Image courtesy of nuttakit/

Image courtesy of nuttakit/

Looks like Phil Mickelson’s got bigger problems than his flailing golf game. The Feds are investigating the golf great for insider trading. It should be duly noted that there are no official allegations yet. It all began in 2011 when Carl Icahn developed a thing for cleanliness and started buying up copious amounts of shares of Clorox (CLX). Oh the irony of Carl Icahn buying shares of something he’s likely never used. He then went for a takeover bid. So the stuff you use to clean your bathroom is making major financial headlines. In any case, shares of the company rose a lot as they tend to do under these circumstances. But before there was mention of a takeover bid, Mickelson and Las Vegas Sports bettor William Walters also bought lots and lots shares. Which kind of made the Feds and the SEC start to wonder if the golfer and bettor knew about the impending takeover from the investor. And that, my friends, is a very big problem.

Whose picking up the check?

Image courtesy of KEKO64/

Image courtesy of KEKO64/

How much would you pay for a dream date? What if that dream date was with the very dreamy Warren Buffet? It may not be what you had in mind but people are willing to shell out millions of dollars to spend some quality dining time with the Oracle of Omaha. Bidding has begun for the much sought after lunch date with the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA). Proceeds go to the San-Francisco based Glide Foundation, an organization that provides numerous invaluable resources for the homeless. In 2012, the winning bid was almost $3.5 million. Last year’s winning bid was only just over a million dollars. This year’s bidding is currently up to just over $350,000. But you needn’t fret. There are still three days left to cast your winning bid for what had better be the ultimate dining experience.

Krispy Krummy…

Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat/

Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat/

Krispy Kreme’s (KKD) stock is going to mush. The ultimate in donut perfection, surprisingly, shockingly, horrifyingly, missed its earnings forecast. The maker behind one of America’s greatest innovations pulled in $121.6 in first quarter revenue and you might think that’s a lot of donuts. But Wall Street was expecting over $126 million – which is a bit harsh, if you ask me. Maybe Wall Street needs to spread some donut love. Naturally, the harsh winter was blamed. Curse you winter of 2014 for causing our beloved donut to be fiscally tarnished!

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