So Not A-Twitter, Bayer’s Getting Pain-free, Office Supplies In Short Supply?

Twitter shares unleashed…

Image courtesy of Master isolated images/

Image courtesy of Master isolated images/

Twitter, once considered one of Wall Street’s most sought after and promising stocks has proved to be otherwise. Last week’s quarterly results showed Twitter isn’t exactly growing like analysts had hoped and the expectation that it would achieve the same amount of users as Facebook…well, moving on…Shares of the social media company dropped 10% since its auspicious debut back in November no thanks in part to the”lock-up” period, which has officially expired. Now 480 million shares of Twitter, owned by insiders, are allowed to be sold and released into the wilds of the stock exchange until new buyers decide to scoop ’em up.

No pain and much gain…

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane/

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane/

Buying a rival company can be such a pain. But in the case of Bayer (BAYRY) picking up Merck (MRK), there should be plenty of aspirin to go around. Germany-based Bayer plunked down $14.2 billion dollars to buy Merck’s consumer care business. Some of the New Jersey based company’s more notable brands include the always appreciated Coppertone, the ever consoling Dr. Scholl’s foot care products and my personal seasonal favorite, Claritin. But unlike some of the other pharmaceutical mergers that have been occurring, albeit hostilely, Merck actually was looking for a buyer for its consumer care products so they can focus their efforts (i.e. money) on developing vaccines and other useful drugs. The merger now makes Bayer second to Johnson & Johnson in over the counter drugs. But if Bayer can help it, it won’t be that way for long.


Image courtesy of anankkml/

Image courtesy of anankkml/

In case you were thinking of stopping by your local Office Depot (ODP) to pick up a few office supplies, you better first check to see if it’s still there. The Boca based company just announced plans to shutter 400 stores by the end of 2016. Their merger with Office Max (OMX) caused an oversupply of stores and supplies. It’s hoping to save about $75 million with that move. Office supply stores, including the iconic and ubiquitous Staples (SPLS), are struggling to compete with online retailers and other types of brick and mortar stores. But rest assured, if you’ve just got to have your Office Depot fix, somewhere on this planet you’ll be able to find one as they have 2000 stores worldwide.


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