Is GM Finally Taking Action? Move Over, Whole Foods and Unemployment Numbers Making Big Gains

Who ya gonna blame?

Image courtesy of iaodesign/

Image courtesy of iaodesign/

It only took several years, but it finally occurred to GM that maybe now’s the time for some people in its ranks to actually face consequences for their actions following a massive recall linked to 13 deaths. GM CEO Mary Barra said, “This is an interim step as we seek the truth about what happened…It was a difficult decision, but I believe it is best for GM.” Whatever that means. Two unidentified engineers were placed on paid leave as GM continues to figure out who and what went wrong on 2.6 million vehicles with faulty switches. GM even enlisted NASA’s (yes, that NASA) Engineering and Safety Center to assist with the investigation as to whether the recalled cars are still even safe to drive with just the ignition key in them. Incidentally, this is not NASA’s first foray into the automobile industry. The space organization first worked with Toyota back in 2010. As for GM’s stock, well it took about an 18% hit this year.

Organic for all…

Image courtesy of sritangphoto/

Image courtesy of sritangphoto/

Just when you thought organic food was just for the lucky, financially solvent few, in comes Wal-Mart to strike a deal with organic foods company Wild Oats, because – get this – they want organic food to be more affordable. Currently, Whole Foods dominates the organics market. But perhaps not for long as the mega chain did a survey and found that 91% of its customers would go organic for just the right price. Wal-Mart thinks that right price is going to be at least 25% below other national organic food brands. Starting this month, in some of their stores you can start picking up your Wild Oats products, including pasta, sauces and broths.  If you don’t find any yet, don’t sweat it. Eventually all 4,000 US stores will have you on an organic regimen in no time.

Getting back at the Great Recession…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Americans are looking a lot more employed these days. Fewer people applied for unemployment benefits for the week ending April 5 – only 300,000, according to the Labor Department.  While that still sounds like a huge number, it actually dropped by 32,000 applicants. Believe it or not, that happens to be a very good thing since numbers like that haven’t been seen in seven years, just months before the Great Recession began.

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