Get Your Candy Game On, You Bet Icahn and Cisco Wants Some Cloud Cover

Sweet sweet news…

Image courtesy of lamnee/

Image courtesy of lamnee/

As you’re waiting to get some new lives on Candy Crush know that the New Stock Exchange is about to get a whole lot sweeter this week. King Digital, the maker behind the insanely popular game, Candy Crush Saga, is set to make its Wall Street debut on Wednesday. A single share – of the 15.5 million being offered – could fetch as much as $24. The company is expecting to net about $326 million off the IPO. King Digital made about $1.88 billion in 2013 – ten times more than it did the previous year. After you’re done reading today’s post, assuming you’re still waiting for those lives to kick in, check out King Digital’s new, equally addictive and very similar new game Cookie Jam. Sorry Android users, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that one to hit your marketplace.

In this week’s episode of the Herbalife saga…

Image courtesy of bplanet/

Image courtesy of bplanet/

The smackdown continues between billionaire Carl Icahn and hedge fund manager Bill Ackman. Icahn nominated three new board members who “are made of a much harder metal and mettle than those being replaced,” according to Robert Chapman, Herbalife investor at Chapman Capital LLC. Ackman is convinced Herbalife is nothing short of a pyramid scheme and bet against it in 2012. Icahn disagrees. Vehemently.  And now Mr. Icahn is toying with the idea of suing Mr. Ackman and his Pershing Square Capital Management for spreading not nice things that simply aren’t true, according to Mr. Icahn. The mood at the company has been described as a war zone. The FTC is involved. But today shares of the stock shot up anyway almost 7%. Go figure. To be continued…

Do computer clouds have silver linings too?

Image courtesy of fotographic1980/

Image courtesy of fotographic1980/

Make way for Cisco who is plunking down a hefty sum to enter the constantly evolving cloud computing arena. The tech giant already offers cloud related services so developing Cisco Cloud Services is just a mere hop skip and $1 billion jump away. How convenient. Amazon is already one of the biggest players. “We’re absolutely not competing with AWS (Amazon Web Services),” said Mike Riegel, Cisco Cloud’s vice president of marketing. That’s because Cisco plans on being the biggest player in this field – so take that Amazon! Hey, go big or go home.

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