Tiffany Is Not Feeling Blinged, Lost and Found and A Shot With Your Espresso?

Swatch out!

Image courtesy of Boykung/

Image courtesy of Boykung/

Tiffany & Co. and their little blue boxes suffered a major blow to their bling today following a spectacular third quarter. Their pretty yellow diamonds and $1.3 billion in revenue weren’t enough to outshine the losses they suffered this quarter. Because what began as a $200 million profit quickly turned to a $100 million loss owing to a gigantic settlement with Swatch. Tiffany & Co. CEO Michael Kowalski said, “We are proud of our performance this past year. Sales and operating earnings (excluding the arbitration-related charge) rose to record levels.” Uh-huh. Back in 2007, the two companies started a joint venture that went south four years after. Swatch sued. Tiffany & Co. counter-sued. They went for arbitration. $473 million later, Tiffany & Co. has to pony up to Swatch. Talk about killing time.

Mt. Gox marks the spot?

Image courtesy of stoonn/

Image courtesy of stoonn/

Don’t you just love it when you find an old wallet and there’s still money in it. The same thing happened with Mt. Gox recently and now the former bitcoin exchange is slightly less bankrupt today. 200,000 bitcoins were (not so) mysteriously “discovered” in disused electronic wallets. The coins, which were originally thought to be stolen are worth approximately $120 million.  Now if they could just figure out where those other 650,000 coins went…

Barista or bartender? You decide…

Image courtesy of digitalart/

Image courtesy of digitalart/FreeDigitalPhotos.netH

If you already love Starbucks now, you’re about to love it a whole lot more. Come for the coffee stay for the alcohol. The coffee seller is gearing up with a new concept called “Starbucks Evenings” where they will be offering a variety of alcoholic beverages and gourmet food to complement them. Spokesperson Lisa Passé explained, “The concept is a natural progression for Starbucks Corporation as we seek to create a new occasion for customers to gather, relax and connect with each other in the evenings.” That just might be the case but this new concept also has to do with the fact that Starbucks is aiming to hit the $100 billion mark in market value and offering up alcohol is sure to do the trick. Whatever the motive, I, for one, can’t wait.

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