KING Crush, New $tarbuck$ App and Wall Street’s On A High Note

I know who you have a crush on…

Image courtesy of idea go/

Image courtesy of idea go/

Attention Candy Crush fans – and well…who isn’t?  The maker of the wildly addictive game is getting set to roll out 22 million shares for its initial public offering.  Got about $24.00 to spare? That just might land you a single share of the stock. While Candy Crush isn’t the only game King makes (I, myself am a fan of their game, Pet Rescue), the saga has been a major driver for this company pulling in a $568 million profit. Shares, if you are fortunate enough to pick up a few, will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KING. And it’s good to be just that.

Buzz tipping…

Image courtesy of tiverylucky/

Image courtesy of tiverylucky/

Because you just weren’t shelling out enough cash for your lattes, Starbucks has graciously unveiled a new way to tip your barista. About 10% of Starbucks customers already use their nifty app to pay for their caffeine infusions by swiping their smartphones. But now they can update that very same app and use it to tip as well. Ain’t technology grand? Tips from this app range from $.50 to $2.00. So instead of those tip jars staring you in the face imploring you to pony up in front of that long snaking line of people behind you, you can just get that same feeling by looking at your smartphone. How super convenient for you – and for Starbucks.

Wall Street’s latest high…

Image courtesy of sheelamohan/

Image courtesy of sheelamohan/

There’s a reason why securities industry employees are occupying Wall Street a lot longer than some of you tried to – they can afford it. The average bonus received by any number of Wall Street Securities industry employees for 2013 was $164, 530. Why that’s a 15% increase from last year! Good grief! Aren’t you in the least bit curious to know what they did to earn these record bonuses? Well get on line. If you’re seething (with jealousy?) at these huge numbers, try and take comfort in the fact that 2013 was only the third highest year for bonuses. 2006 took the top spot with the average bonus coming it $191,360. And if that still doesn’t calm your nerves, you know what they say: If you can’t beat ’em join ’em.


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