Bit Who? Is Mother Nature Losing Her Cool and @GSElevator Pushed the Wrong Button

Bit of confusion…


The founder of Bitcoin has been revealed. Well…sort of…um…okay so nobody’s a hundred percent sure on that one. Here’s what is known: The virtual currency was created in 2009 – and NOT – it should be duly noted – by the Winklevoss twins. However, the creator remains a mystery (cue the eerie music).  Or does he (or she? or it?). Many believe(d) that the creator went/goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. A man by that name has been found in California and following a wild car chase in Los Angeles (duh…where else?) it’s still unclear who the founder is. Nor does it change the fact that the Winklevoss twins used bitcoins to pay for their galactic voyage or that bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox went buh-bye.

Take that Mother Nature…

Image courtesy of samarttiw/

Image courtesy of samarttiw/

In case you were wondering why Wall Street was putting out some record highs today (and it’s okay if you weren’t  – that’s why we’re here), it’s because 175,000 new jobs were added to the work force beating analysts’ expectations. Not only is that a positive sign that the economy is starting to regain some of its mojo, but it’s also seen as big kick in the butt to mother nature who has been toying so rudely with our economic emotions (bet you didn’t know you had those). But don’t break out the champagne just yet. Unemployment still climbed up .1% to 6.7% when that number should have stayed put like a good little estimate.

The final chapter?

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

And so the individual behind the twitter account @GSElevator is not @ Simon & Schuster anymore either. Straight To Hell, the book John Lefevre wrote based on things overheard in the hallowed elevators at Goldman Sachs has been canceled. The problem with the story is that Lefevre is not only NOT an employee of Goldman Sachs, but he resides in Texas which makes it kind of hard to overhear conversations in elevators in New York. But just so we’re clear, he did interview with Goldman Sachs, albeit, many many years ago.

2 responses to “Bit Who? Is Mother Nature Losing Her Cool and @GSElevator Pushed the Wrong Button

    • I swear it never gets old. I just wonder why they only just canceled the book now and not a few days ago when I wrote about it. I do think it would make a fun made-for-tv movie.

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