Bitcoin’s Not Feeling the Hacker Love, Fly The Divisive Skies and A Credit To Your Score

And then there were none…

Courtesy bplanet/

Courtesy bplanet/

Mt. Gox, once Bitcoin’s largest exchange, now bears the dubious distinction of being the most broke.  That’s right. Mt. Gox has officially officially gone bust.  “First of all, ” (Former?)French CEO Mark Karpeles said, “I’m very sorry.” No doubt. But he also wanted to reassure folks that “the bitcoin industry is healthy and it is growing.” Just not at Mt. Gox. It’s believed that 750,000 bitcoins, or about half a billion dollars –  as they say in the regulated currency languages –  went missing after some particularly adept hackers had the nerve to exploit weaknesses in the system at Mt. Gox.   But no need  to fret if you are still planning a foray into crypto-currency.  Major bitcoin players feel that it was Karpeles’ fault and the bitcoin industry is still very much a worthy pursuit.  What a relief.

We’re just not that into you…

Courtesy Salvatore Vuono/

Courtesy Salvatore Vuono/

Attention coach passengers: Now you need not be bothered having to sit so close to those pesky first-class passengers.  Airlines are coming up with new ways to further divide us, socio-economically speaking, by creating actual physical distance between economy and upper class passengers Those flying coach – or economy, if you will –  will likely no longer have the ability to watch those upper-class passengers dine on their sumptuous gourmet meals (though they will still have to inhale the intoxicating aromas that float tauntingly toward the rear of the aircraft). Flying United Airlines or American Airlines any time soon?  Well you’re in luck. If you’re fortunate enough to fly upper-class, then be ready to check in at a specially designed tricked out private room then be led out secret doors to the head of the security lines. Kind like a Batcave.  But rest assured, those elite few will have to pay hefty fees for such prestigious services, some airlines charging in the ballpark of $19,000. So there!

Give credit where credit is due…

Courtesy Salvatore Vuono/

Courtesy Salvatore Vuono/

Ever needed to find out your credit score only to discover that, ironically, you need to whip out your credit card to do so?  Well the good news is that the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to do away with that practice and instead is asking credit card companies to just do it – FOR FREE!  If there are any errors, providing that information on your statement could make it soooooo much easier to correct, critics argue than having to go through the three major credit bureaus.  In fact some companies have already graciously been providing that information out of the goodness of their own hearts.  Sweet. If your credit card company hasn’t caught on, it’s still possible that in the near future, when the dreaded statement arrives in your mailbox, your credit score will be prominently displayed right there next to your balance (and hopefully not next to any late fees).  The bad news: It’s merely a strong suggestion and your chosen credit card company can opt not to do it.

2 responses to “Bitcoin’s Not Feeling the Hacker Love, Fly The Divisive Skies and A Credit To Your Score

    • Yeah I suspect the credit score bit is going to be welcome news for a lot of people. As for the bitcoin thing…well, I wouldn’t mind owning some of those myself…despite the confusion 😉

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