Not @GSElevator, A Big Bite of Bitcoin and Your Innermost Thoughts

In a strange twist of corporate Goldman Sachs drama…

Image courtesy of sattva/

Image courtesy of sattva/

The identity of twitter account @GSelevator has finally been identified.  The tweeter had over 600,000 followers, as he/she tweeted about Wall Street’s corporate culture. The author of the account, John Lefevre, isn’t and was never even an employee there.  If he were, however, he’d have had one hell of a commute since he’s a resident of the great state of Texas.  Apparently it’s not necessary to have ever been employed at a particular firm in order to tweet about it.  Simon & Schuster agree as Mr. Lefevre has a six-figure advance from them for his book.  To be fair, though, he interviewed there seven years ago so it’s safe to say he had a glimpse of a genuine Goldman Sachs elevator.  Must have been some elevator.

There seems to be a Bitcoin of a problem…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Ever heard of Mt. Gox?  Well that’s probably just as well since the Tokyo based Bitcoin exchange mysteriously misplaced about  744,000 Bitcoins.  And just how much is that worth, you might be wondering.  Hundreds of millions of dollars, that is,  if you don’t take into account the currency’s volatility.  What that means for the future of virtual currency depends on whom you ask.  Venture Capitalist Marc Andreesen compared it to MF Global, the brokerage that filed for bankruptcy in 2011.  Thinking he was reassuring Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts with that comparison, Andreesen said, “Bitcoin protocol is unchanged and other Bitcoin exchanges and companies are doing fine.”  Feel better about that now?

How thoughtful of you…

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

If you consider yourself a consumer, say like…um…everybody,then I know what you’ve been thinking about these days. No, really.  I do.  Your thoughts were thoughtfully expressed on the consumer confidence index.  You see, a bunch of people were surveyed on their consumer thoughts – as they consider themselves to be consumers just as you do – are those thoughts are meant to represent yours as well.  How ’bout that.  First of all, you think that the economy has improved.  You also think that jobs are plentiful.  But then again you also weren’t feeling totally optimistic about the economy either.  And you were definitely concerned with “the short-term outlook for business conditions, jobs and earnings.” Did you know that’s what you were thinking?  Well, I hope you thought this through carefully.

4 responses to “Not @GSElevator, A Big Bite of Bitcoin and Your Innermost Thoughts

    • It’s currently not a regulated currency. Because of that people use it for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes those reasons are a bit dubious. Sometimes it just works better in international arenas. There’s a lot of room to grow for this concept and all the kinks have yet to be worked out. Definitely not necessarily a sign of the apocalypse, but hey that’s just my opinion. I’d could go for some of those Bitcoins myself.

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