Board Members Smackdown, Darn That Weather and Netflix Has Its Own Drama

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn/

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn/

If you’re looking for a good fight today then look no further than Carl Icahn vs. eBay.  The activist investor who owns about 2% in eBay stock said that CEO John Donahoe “was completely asleep, or even worse, either naïve or willfully blind…” Yikes.  Icahn is peeved because he feels that some eBay board members have commitment issues and wants eBay to spin off its PayPal unit.  So what does this mean for you, o’ faithful consumer of online goods and services? Well probably not much.  At least for now…

Maybe it wasn’t that awful tie after all…

The money guys say, chillax.  It’s not your lousy interview skills or your beer-stained tie that (probably) cost you the job.  Blame it on the totally annoying Polar Vortex instead.  Though economic data proved to be much worse than what was originally predicted in both housing and hiring,  the investors are blaming it on Mother Nature and the nasty weather she’s been dumping on us.

Image Courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn/

Image Courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn/

If that is in fact the case, does this mean we can expect to see some growth in those sectors as the weather warms up (if it ever does)? Hmmm.

Big Netflix fan, are ya?

Well let’s see just how big a fan you really are?  Are you willing to pay even more for the service.  If you answered yes then guess what…it’s entirely possible that you might MIGHT in fact get the opportunity to prove your customer loyalty and fandom now that Netflix has agreed to pay Comcast to stream its content way smoother than in recent months.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

It’ll all be worth it, wont it?  After all, that means that those pesky little pauses and other snags reported by subscribers are soon to be a thing of the past…it is hoped…

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